Star Wars: The Old Republic - Rise of the Rakghouls update delayed

"Issues requiring additional testing" push BioWare to delay content update to "next few days."


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Gamers hoping to jump into the first content update for BioWare's massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic today won't have that opportunity, as BioWare has delayed Rise of the Rakghouls.

Patience, Padawans, says BioWare.
Patience, Padawans, says BioWare.

Writing on the official Old Republic community news site, BioWare today said that "issues requiring additional testing" have been found in the update's test server and have led the developer to delay the scheduled content update.

A new release date was not offered for Rise of the Rakghouls, but BioWare said gamers should expect it sometime "in the next few days."

Rise of the Rakghouls is The Old Republic's first content update. It includes a new mission, as well as anti-aliasing and player-versus-player bracketing for the WarZones mode.

For more on Rise of the Rakghouls, check out GameSpot's interview with BioWare's James Ohlen.

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