Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reviews - Read The First Reactions Here

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The first people to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi are taking to Twitter to deliver their verdicts on the on the forthcoming film. Full reviews won't be up for a few more days, but critics fresh out of the cinemas are offering their two cents, and we've gathered them up for you.

So far it seems The Last Jedi is faring well with critics. In a series of tweets, EW's Anthony Breznican said The Last Jedi "may be the first Star Wars movie that's not just about growing up, but also about growing old."

IGN's Joshua Yehl was equally as enthused about The Last Jedi.

Terri Schwartz, meanwhile, praised the performances of The Last Jedi's cast.'s James Viscardi went as far as saying The last Jedi is a new benchmark for the series.

From what we can gather, The Last Jedi may live up to expectations. GameSpot's Star Wars: The Last Jedi review will go up soon, and we'll have plenty of video coverage on the site too. If you need more Star Wars right now, be sure to check out the latest international trailer and you can also see how Leia became a general from A New Hope to The Last Jedi. The movie will also show how Finn and Poe's relationship advances but won't dwell on a major death from The Force Awakens.

Looking further ahead for the blockbuster film franchise, JJ Abrams--who was hired to helm the ninth film in the Star Wars saga after director Colin Trevorrow left the project--said he wants Episode IX to "take [viewers] places that they haven't gone [before]."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 17. Its sequel, Star Wars: Episode IX, releases on December 20, 2019. Between those two movies, Solo--the Han Solo standalone film--will debut on May 25, 2018. You can read our full The Last Jedi review for much more.

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@njs72: i correct myself on the Disney part, i did think Rogue One Was Pretty good, the Director did a fine job there.

Avatar image for jonsin1459

Reception was also strong for the Force Awakens too.

Later on though the cracks showed.

I do have some confidence in the fact that JJ is not directing though.

It's up in the air.

Avatar image for esqueejy

@jonsin1459: Later on the whiners and complainers and people never satisfied by anything, who are the reason we can't have nice things, took their toll.


Avatar image for tiringpillow

Got my tickets preordered for Sunday. One more week wooh!

Avatar image for jergernice1

im looking forward to rogue 2, and 3.....

Avatar image for jergernice1

rogue one was my favorite by far....sure star wars and empire were awesome. it did the best it possibly could given the scope of the story and of course being the 8th movie. it literally had no cheesy cringe worthy parts as all the movies have had.

i watched attack of the clones again last night. right after watching rogue one and force awakens. i had to fast forward through most of the movie. awful just awful....

the force awakens was nearly perfect except it rushed the last 1hr. if it had kept the same pacing as the 1st part of the movie the weaker plot elements at the end of the movie would have been easier to swallow. it really felt like batman vs superman(the non extended version) the extended version just made that movie work otherwise it came off as kind of a mess.

Avatar image for beantownsean


Agreed, Rogue One was far more entertaining of a film compared to that collage-rehash, TFA.

Avatar image for method115


I think the force awakens had to many things that were just ripped off from the first movie. 1 thing as sort of a "call back" is fine. Rehasing the whole story like it's a remake was just to much for me. Rogue One was amazing though.

Avatar image for esqueejy

Bold words those are. Give me one lasting more than 4 hours it might. Call my doctor I must...

Avatar image for ecurl143

I'll reserve judgement for myself.

After the previous jizzing some people had for The Force Awakens and Rogue One, I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

Avatar image for thotdestroyer

good... good...

Avatar image for kst8er

When the early reviews for the phantom menace came in, many people proclaimed it to be the best movie of all time. not just the best star wars movie

Avatar image for jergernice1

@kst8er: i actually thought the phantom menace was ok....especially after having to swallow heyden christiansen(literally) in the next 2.

Avatar image for balrogbane

I heard the same type of things about the Force Awakens...

take that however you will.

Avatar image for Fia1

well the guys that get to see it first to post a review or news about the movie are kinda stuck to giving positive feedback, but honestly... this can't be as bad as the force awakens? right?... can't be worse than that... even if they copy empire strikes back it can't be worse...

Avatar image for highhate

@Fia1: What was wrong with The Force Awakens? I thought it was really good.

Avatar image for jodomar

@highhate: Because you have to read a novella to learn the back story of why there is no fleet. How does Rey become the macgyver of Star Wars, learning to fly millennium falcon and light saber combat immediately, when everyone else has to you know, be trained. How fin, trained to kill since birth, suddenly finds a conscious and betrays all that he knows. What about the "Lets just make a bigger death star, you know the last two worked out so well". They could have done so much more with the new move, but no they didn't. I can only hope some serious shit goes down, because I do not feel connected to any of these new Hero's unlike the originals. Nothing makes me want to be like Rey, Fin, or Poe, like I wanted to be Luke, or Vader. I will at least say the only interesting character is Kylo Ren. Let's see if this new movie can redeem the rest of the new trilogy.

Avatar image for dreman999

@jodomar: dude she live on a planet filled with ships. And even state she flew before. Note that there is more info on her skills in flying then luke's skill flying

Avatar image for jodomar

@dreman999: So if you're stranded in a desert with a bunch of Apache gunships, you suddenly know hot to fly them like an expert pilot?

Avatar image for dreman999

@jodomar: if I spent years fixing them,braking them apart and fly them.

You do know Rey said she flown space ships before, right?

Ask you self this, if you spent your entire life fly commercial planes, are you going to be able to jump in a fight jet and blow up a air craft carrier? Aka a luke.

Avatar image for jodomar

@dreman999: I never heard her say that but okay. With Luke he used to shoot womp rats with his t-16 so yeah a little more believable.

Avatar image for h20-xcv

@jodomar: cry much bot. Stop overthinking the movies and move out!

Avatar image for jodomar

@h20-xcv: What are you talking about, maybe you need to go yell at the sky some more.

Avatar image for esqueejy

@jodomar: Dude, they're making 3 movies. That gives them a certain amount of "temporal window" into the lore that they can reasonably cover. They have to choose carefully. Lighten up a bit.

The first 3 had a lot of back story that wasn't explained either, and they remain legendary movies, with Empire still reigning as the best of all SW movies by a pretty big consensus. If they've managed to top Empire with this, that's an insane feat. As it is, Force Awakens re-woke the series after the tragic failure the prequel trilogy was, which was a pretty nifty (and appreciated) feat in and of itself.

Avatar image for jodomar

@esqueejy: Whelp, I'm not alone in my opinion but its just that, an opinion. I believe they could have done better, but we'll see what this new movie adds to the series.

Avatar image for drnknnmd

@esqueejy: exactly. One of the best parts of star wars is the only exposition you ever get is the opening text crawl. Other than that, you're just supposed to KNOW about the rebellion, the Empire, and that Jedi USED to be prominent but are now all but forgotten. People take for granted that they know all these things now, but when it was first released, there was zero knowledge of the backstroke of the original trilogy.

Avatar image for nyran125tk

@highhate: havent got got hate for force awakens. I really didn't like Rogue One though. I thought it was totally pointless, in the grand scale of things.

Avatar image for dreman999

@nyran125tk: look at the movie and then look at all of 2016.

There is your point of the movie.

Avatar image for jergernice1

@nyran125tk: i thought it was the best star wars movie to date. period....if it didnt have any star wars lore it would have still been great....of course star wars and empire were awesome....

Avatar image for jodomar

@nyran125tk: I liked Rogue One, only because I got to shit Darth Vader pub stomp the shit out of the rebels. That was the most single satisfying scene to watch ever in Star Wars. Please give me a Vader ****'s shit up movie. Like him going after all the Jedi and slaughtering them. Would be the best movie ever!

Avatar image for spas2k

Seems like this is the stuff we heard right before the force awakens came out...

Avatar image for beantownsean

Not a fan of this new annualized Star Wars release cycle personally, Blu Ray or Dish for me.


Avatar image for nparks

Have high hopes for The Last Jedi. Not being an Abrams film, it might actually be good.

Initial feedback for The Force Awakens was also very strong. It took a little while for the dominant critique to emerge that the movie was just a rehash of previous Star Wars films with nothing new to say or add. Hopefully they took that to heart, and this one is more like Rogue One than TFA.

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my peepee is hard

Avatar image for deviltaz35

So people believe ones that not only don't pay for their ticket but also get free alcohol and food at the screening?

Avatar image for tisezoda

@deviltaz35: see the wonderful thing here is you can choose to believe what they say or u can make ur own opinion after u watch it. Isn't that great. Im sure people would shit all over ur opinion as well. But its ur opinion, just as this is theirs.

Avatar image for nikon133

Intrigued, I am.

Avatar image for oflow

If you dont like spoilers steer clear of GS reviews. They have the annoying habit of posting spoilers with no warning.

Avatar image for cjtopspin

But does Rey get naked? That's what everybody is asking.

That's what a lot of people are asking.

...apparently I'm the only one asking.

It's cool...I'll find the exit.

Avatar image for nparks

@cjtopspin: Prolly saving the metal bikini for episode 9.

Avatar image for nikon133

@cjtopspin: Thinking the same, surely others were! ;)

Avatar image for desdecardo

It's actually coming out on the 15th. Why would it come out on a Sunday? That's what the 17th is.

Avatar image for Baconstrip78

@timmyp1982: Having seen the originals again in the last 5 years, it won't take much to replace them once you subtract the nostalgia.

Avatar image for lzand0z

@Baconstrip78: empire is timeless.

Avatar image for ahmetxca

@timmyp1982: I had the exact same words in my mind. Kudos.