Star Wars Studio Designed This New Team Fortress 2 Game Mode

Get the first details on "Pass Time," a new mode designed by JJ Abrams' Bad Robot studio.


The first product of the JJ Abrams/Valve partnership announced back in 2013 has now come to light.

It's not a movie or TV show, but rather, the Star Wars and Star Trek director's Bad Robot studio designed a brand-new mode for Team Fortress 2 called "Pass Time." The mode, co-developed by Escalation Studios, is available now for the free-to-play shooter.

"Pass Time combines TF2's usual fast-paced bloodsport with the actual fast-paced sports of soccer, hockey, and basketball," Valve said about the mode in a blog post.

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Bad Robot stresses that Pass Time is very much a work in progress. Player feedback about this mode will be "critical" to its development, and players are encouraged to send their thoughts about it to this email address:

Pass Time matches pit the Red and Blu teams against each other, as each side tries to score more goals than their opponent. One player carries the "jack," a ball that, when picked up, replaces your guns. As such, teammates will need to protect the carrier.

The other side, meanwhile, can steal the jack by performing a melee attack on the carrier. The carrier does have some super-abilities, however, including regenerating health, temporary invincibility, speed boosts, and the ability to see both teammates and opponents on the map at the same time.

For a closer look at Pass Time, take a look at the gameplay video below from the fan-run Valve News Network.

Abrams is currently directing Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, which comes to theaters in December. It is unclear how much involvement Abrams had with the new Team Fortress 2 mode.

As part of the Bad Robot/Valve partnership announced in 2013, Abrams also said he and Valve were brainstorming ideas for Portal and Half-Life movies. It's unclear, however, how much progress is being made on these feature films.

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You lost me at soccer.

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Sounds kind of like Q-Ball, which always mystified me as to why such a mode didn't appear in more games. Of course, the magic of Q-Ball was that most of it was played on Quake's single player levels so you had to get creative on where your team was going to hold out. Of course the big difference is that you simply had to hold the ball to score points, not score it anywhere.

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So kinda like Assault in Halo 2?

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Well, somebody looked at Rocket League, looked at sales figures, and then cashed the **** out.

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@homestar99: Not necessarily. Unreal Tournament 2003 had Bombing Run. Quake had a mod called Q-Ball that didn't have scoring in a goal but the guy with the ball was limited to melee weapons. Counter-Strike 1.6 had a map called soccerjam. These kinds of modes have been around sporadically for awhile.

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@jinzo9988: True. It just seemed coincidental.

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When you grab jack you should say shit

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@borgking1234: So funny :|

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Two years to come up with a game mode that's been around for 10 years? Productive.

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@Pyrosa: This really impresses me...I remembre this run-with-the-ball game mode was also available in Unreal Tournament....

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Just when you finally give up, they find a way to drag you back in.