Star Wars Story Team Reveals Last Jedi Secrets About Han Solo, Luke Skywalker

So that's what those dice are all about.


It's been nearly a month since Star Wars: The Last Jedi was unleashed in theaters, and now the Lucasfilm story group is digging into some of the secrets hidden within the film. While so much of the discussion surrounding the movie had centered on Rey's parents and the fate of Supreme Leader Snoke, there's plenty more for the story group to dive deeper on.

The following contains Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers.

Appearing on The Star Wars Show, one of the first things the team discusses is the movie's connection to Star Wars: Battlefront II. It can be found inside Luke Skywalker's (Mark Hamill) hut on Ahch-To. Among his possessions is a compass fans of the video game might find familiar.

According to story group member Matt Martin, the addition of the compass--which Luke obtains in the game--was a last-minute addition. "We asked Dave Filoni to sketch something out," he says. "Dave sketched it, passed it to the prop department, and they knocked it out in, like, a night."

The team also touched on Han Solo's (Harrison Ford) dice, which Luke gives to Leia (Carrie Fisher). While it's made clear in The Last Jedi that they were pulled from the Millennium Falcon, initially the dice were to play a much bigger role in the Star Wars franchise.

Their inclusion is based on an early cut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson was able to watch. In that particular cut, there's a scene in which Han places the dice back on his ship after getting it back. However, in the end, JJ Abrams removed that moment from the film.

There's plenty more to be found in this latest episode of The Star Wars Show, which just might give you a new appreciation for the choices Johnson made in The Last Jedi. At the very least, it's clear that he and the story group paid very close attention to the world they continue to build. Up next for the franchise is the Han Solo standalone movie.

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