Star Wars Starfighter on the PC

LucasArts will release the PlayStation 2 space combat game for the PC early next year.


LucasArts announced on Thursday that it will release a PC version of its Sony PlayStation 2 space combat game, Star Wars Starfighter, early next year. The single-player game lets players participate in a number of missions to save the Naboo from the Trade Federation, ending in an assault on a droid control ship. It features more than 20 detailed spaceships and 14 3D environments in both air and space.

Star Wars Starfighter is being developed for the PC by San Francisco-based Secret Level, and it is scheduled for release in January. A Microsoft Xbox version of the game is also in development and will be released in November. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the PC game and our previous coverage of the PlayStation 2 version.

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