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Star Wars: Squadrons Preorder Guide: Prices, Bonuses, And Release Date

The new Star Wars space shooter Star Wars: Squadrons launches this fall on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


After the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last year, EA is charging ahead with more Star Wars games, announcing a new game in the franchise coming to consoles and PC. This one, however, will be markedly different from Respawn's take on the series. Star Wars: Squadrons, developed by Motive Studios, will release October 2, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Origin, Steam, and the Epic Games Store). VR fans can also get in on the fun, as the space shooter will also be playable in VR on PS4 and PC. Following today's reveal trailer, Star Wars: Squadrons is available to preorder on all platforms, so you can secure your copy early and be ready to play on day one.

In Star Wars: Squadrons, you'll enlist as a starfighter pilot who will command iconic ships from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets. The game features 5v5 multiplayer dogfights, monumental fleet battles, and an original single-player story about events occurring after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Death Star II. The story alternates between the perspectives of two pilots--one from the New Republic's Vanguard Squadron and the other from the Empire's Titan Squadron.

Star Wars: Squadrons features cross-play support for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and VR, so you'll be able to squad up with your friends no matter what platform they're on. The game has extensive cosmetic and gameplay customization options so you can design your pilot, cockpit, and ship exterior to your liking. You'll also earn things like weapons, engines, and shields to deck out your starfighter as you move up the ranks.

Star Wars: Squadrons preorder bonuses

Star Wars: Squadrons' preorder bonuses include bonus cosmetic items.
Star Wars: Squadrons' preorder bonuses include bonus cosmetic items.

There are a handful of preorder bonuses for purchasing the game early. These consist of cosmetic items for your pilot and starfighter.

  • New Republic Recruit Flight Suit (Epic)
  • Imperial Ace Flight Suit (Epic)
  • New Republic Recruit Starfighter Skins (Rare)
  • Imperial Ace Starfighter Skins (Rare)
  • New Republic Recruit Decal (Common)
  • Imperial Ace Decal (Common)
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Additionally, those who buy the game at the Epic Games Store will receive the X-Wing Glider in Fortnite for free.

Preorder Star Wars: Squadrons | $40

Star Wars: Squadrons is free to play for Origin Access Premier subscribers.
Star Wars: Squadrons is free to play for Origin Access Premier subscribers.

Star Wars: Squadrons is available to preorder now, with both physical and digital copies of the game available. EA Access and Origin Access Basic subscribers can try the game out at no cost with up to 10 hours of playtime at launch. They'll also receive a 10% off discount for the game. Meanwhile, Origin Access Premier subscribers will get full access to the game for free as part of their membership. You can find more info on Origin Access membership options at the Origin Store.

If you're planning to preorder Star Wars: Squadrons elsewhere, it'll cost you $40. Preorder links are starting to go live now, and we'll continue updating this story as the game appears in more storefronts. Check out everywhere you can currently preorder Star Wars: Squadrons below.


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