Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D Lands on Steam

The old is new again.


Star Wars game Rogue Squadron, originally released for the Nintendo 64 and PC in 1998, has arrived on Steam. The classic Star Wars game, which was already available on DRM-free store GOG, goes for $10.

In the game, you play as Luke Skywalker, working with Wedge Antilles, to form the Rogue Squadron starfighter pilots to take out Empire forces and save the Rebel Alliance.

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Some of the activities include dogfights, bombing runs, and rescue tasks. Among the available vehicles are X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings, V-wings, and snowspeeders, while you'll face off against enemies in AT-ATs, AT-STs, and TIE fighters.

The PC version of Rogue Squadron is subtitled 3D. It also offers, at least according to 1998 standards, "astonishing 3D details," including explosion, smoke, tracer fire, and other effects.

GameSpot's Rogue Squadron 3D review scored the game a 7.9/10. You can learn more about the game's new Steam release on its Steam page here.

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