Star Wars: Republic Commando demo out now

PC demo of LucasArts' squad-based shooter now appearing on GameSpot DLX; 431MB download sees squad going to wookie homeworld.


Star Wars fans looking to get a sneak peek at the next project based on George Lucas' megafranchise don't need to camp out weeks in advance to get tickets. Gamers need only use the force of a mouse click to download the PC demo of Star Wars: Republic Commando from GameSpot DLX. The latest game set in the Star Wars universe will hit Xboxes and PCs March 1.

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a first-person squad-based shooter set during the Clone Wars. As a Republic Commando squad leader, players will control their unit both as a single entity and as individuals, depending on the situation, using the squad as a whole or drawing on each team member's strengths to complete objectives. In the demo, gamers will lead a squad of soldiers into the jungles of Kashyyyk and free a wookie leader from the reptilian trandoshens.

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