Star Wars Meets Mario Kart in This Awesome Video

May the blue shell be with you!


If Mario driving an X-Wing sounds appealing, then you're going to love this new video. It features characters from Mario Kart racing against each other in various Star Wars spacecrafts.

YouTuber Dark Pixel created the crossover video that features Mario and friends racing across the galaxy in classic Star Wars locations like Hoth and the Death Star (via Kotaku). We won't tell you who wins, but it does end in a similar fashion to one of the more iconic moments in the series.

Some of the racers in flight include Bowser in a TIE Advanced Fighter, Yoshi in an A-Wing, and Shy Guy in Boba Fett's Slave I. You can check out the rest in the video above.

This isn't the first crossover we've seen involving the Mario racing series. Mario Kart collided with Mad Max last year in a parody trailer for "Mario Kart: Fury Road."

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That was amazing! This should be MK8's next DLC.

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Now this is Podracing! Yippee!

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Perhaps I'm just a stick in the mud but I really don't find these mash-ups that "AWESOME".

Just...typical "nerd-culture" stuff that doesn't jive with me... Oh look, they mashed up the Ninja Turtles with Back to the Future. Isn't that AWESOME? Those two things don't go together! But here it is! Right in front me! That's AWWWWESOME! Albert Einstein with an Uzi!? HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT! BUT IT'S AWESOME!!!

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Nice video and great production, but the concept doesn't convince me 100%.

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It broke my heart that the greatest character in the Mario Universe was relegated to R2D2 status. Then I remembered that R2D2 is cool and talks crazy trash no one understands. Then I was ok with it.

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that was a great video!

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Cute, but aren't the pod races already Star Wars meets Mario Kart?

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Pretty sweet, they even threw in the Luigi death stare.

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Saw the thumbnail and thought Super Mario Galaxy 3 was announced. Now I'm sad.