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Star Wars Lightsabers And Sith Lords Have Come To Elden Ring Thanks To Mods

Lord Godfrey, meet Lord Vader.


The Elden Ring mod community continues to work its magic, this time having created lightsaber and Darth Vader mods for From Software's RPG.

Via Eurogamer, a mod has recently become available from creators drs2 and Xelerate that can let players become Darth Vader and rampage through the Lands Between. Combine the Darth Vader mod with a lightsaber mods--either in the form of a classic, single-bladed lightsaber or Darth Maul's signature double bladed lightsaber--and you have yourself a Star Wars fan-game to help celebrate May 4, aka Star Wars Day.

The various lightsaber mods can replace a few different Elden Ring weapons, and effectively serve as a cool skin for weapons already in the game's files. Many of the double-bladed lightsaber mods use the powerful twinblade Godskin Peeler weapon as a base, while another for single-bladed lightsabers uses the Warhawk's Talon weapon. The Darth Vader mod, meanwhile, is based on the Confessor armor set. Each mod is available to download on Nexus Mods for PC players, along with installation instructions.

Being able to become a Sith Lord and carve a path of destruction with a lightsaber in Elden Ring are just a few examples of recent creations from the game's mod community. Modders are also responsible for having created an easy mode mod for From Software's challenging open-world opus, as well as having immortalized one of the game's folk heroes, Let me solo her, as an actual in-game summon.

Elden Ring received its latest patch on April 19, buffing colossal weapons, increasing the potency of various sorceries, and adjusting various Ash of War weapon abilities.

If lightsabers in Elden Ring aren't enough to satisfy your craving for Star Wars, the iconic weapons have also returned to Fortnite as part of Star Wars Day, along with numerous new Star Wars skins.

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