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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Players' Preorder Items Are Disappearing

Some players' Hermit bonus items have vanished from their game.


Some Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players are reporting that their preorder bonus items have disappeared from their game.

It looks like the issue may have become more common after the latest patch, with players taking to Reddit to report that, when they booted up their game, the Hermit customization options for the outfit and lightsaber components, or both are missing.

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One player opened a discussion on Steam, saying that after they updated Jedi: Survivor they opened up the game to play and customize their lightsaber and noticed that their preorder items, specifically just the Hermit set, had disappeared from the customization menu. "My character customization menu is also missing said cosmetics," they added.

There may be a current fix for Steam players, as another player responded to the post, saying, "I had this before the patch, I went into my DLC list on the right side of the games splash page in library and unticked the DLC the re-ticked it and restarted the game, and it was back."

Over on the EA forums, one player ran into the issue on May 3 on Xbox Series X. They explained that they've progressed to almost halfway through the game, and noticed that their add-ons were missing. "Not even visible and 'locked,'" LJScribes said. "They were completely gone. I checked forums etc. for ways to resolve the issue and noticed when checking the game management on Xbox that the DLC for the preorder bonuses and Deluxe Edition content were completely removed from my console."

The player added that they even checked the store in the hopes of manually reinstalling the content, but the store page stated that the player "did not own the Deluxe Edition and would have to repurchase either the full Deluxe Edition game or the Deluxe Edition Upgrade."

We personally checked on Xbox Series X and ran into the same issue, but it now seems to have been resolved by itself. We also checked on PS5, but the Hermit customization options remain. We've reached out to EA for comment on this issue.

In GameSpot's Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review, Jordan Ramée said the game "improves upon its predecessor's gameplay and storytelling to deliver an engrossing story of a Jedi grappling with morality."

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