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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Has Plenty Of Droid Enemy Types To Hack Up

These are the droids that you're looking for.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will have plenty of enemies that you can introduce to Cal Kestis' lightsaber, including a large number of Trade Federation and Separatist droids from the Prequel era. These new enemy variants include a number of cannon fodder units, heavy-duty bruisers, and more formidable brawlers who can give Kestis a hard time.

Speaking to IGN, design director Jason de Heras and production director Kasumi Shishido added that droids gave the team at Respawn more freedom when it came to what these enemies can do and what types of weapons they use against Kestis, who now has a long-range blaster option in his arsenal.

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The B1 Battle Droids aren't much of a threat in small numbers, but when they gang up on you, they can be overwhelming. The comic relief of Star Wars, the droids will likely have some banter so you can have a tragic understanding of just how doomed they really are in the grand scheme of things.

B2 droids, which first appeared in Attack of the Clones, are much tougher in comparison and can absorb plenty of damage. To take them out, you'll need to deflect their barrage of long-range attacks, parry their melee blows, and move in for the kill. BX droids hit a sweet spot for agility and strength, as these agile machines can dodge attacks and rush you for a quick attack, while Droidekas represent a more high-tech hazard.

The iconic rolling droids introduced in The Phantom Menace have a bubble shield that they use tactically, so you'll have to find a precise window of opportunity to stun-lock and destroy them. IG-100 Magna Guards--which you might remember as the droids that accompanied General Grievous--are described as a "superior elite" type of enemy that has an answer for every type of attack that you throw at it. They'll break the flow of your combat rhythm and are a serious threat in Survivor.

Even more imposing is the DT Sentry Droid, which has its origins in Star Wars Rebels. Respawn was looking for a brutish enemy and settled on the DT Sentry as they could equip it with different loadouts. Three variations of this killer machine exist, and even if you hack off one of its limbs, it'll still keep attacking you. The KX Security Droid Enforcer makes a return in Survivor, but this time it won't be attempting to constantly chokeslam you. Instead, it's now equipped with a stun baton and is much sturdier than the Scout Troopers that wielded this weapon.

Lastly, Scout Troopers have evolved into Shield Troopers, and they wield a shield that you can hack away at or grab with your Force powers. They're essentially a big distraction on the battlefield, but if you time your attacks right, you can unleash your inner Captain America and hurl their shield right back at them.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will release on April 28 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, six weeks later than originally intended so that Respawn can polish the game up further. For a deeper look at the Star Wars sequel, you can check out nine minutes of new gameplay footage and read up about some big quality-of-life changes being added.

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