Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PS5/Xbox Series X Patch Out Now, Improves Frame Rate And More

A new update for the Star Wars game has arrived, improving the resolution and performance on next-gen consoles.


After releasing next-gen patches for various other games in 2020, EA is setting its sights on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which has received an update on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The patch, which is available now on both platforms, improves the game's frame rate on both next-gen machines and it delivers improved dynamic resolution ranges on Xbox. The Jedi Fallen Order also boosts the post-processing resolution on the new machines (except for the Series S).

As was the case for Star Wars: Squadrons with its own next-gen update, people playing on Xbox are getting more options. The Xbox Series X has Performance and Normal modes, while the PS5 does not.

On Xbox Series X's Performance mode, the frame rate is improved to 60 FPS, while the dynamic resolution will be in the range of 1080p to 1440p. In normal mode on Xbox Series X, players can expect a postprocessing increase to 4K, with dynamic resolution in the range of 1512p to 2160p.

Xbox Series S, meanwhile, sees its frame rate for Jedi Fallen Order increased to 60 FPS.

On PS5, players can expect an increase in frame rate to 60 FPS, with postprocessing boosted to 1440p. People on Sony's machine should also know that dynamic resolution is now disabled, making the game render at 1200p.

You can see the full specifics of the next-gen update below, as shared by EA on its website.

Jedi Fallen Order Next-Gen Update:

Console Specifics:

Xbox Series S

  • Framerate has been increased to 60 FPS (up from 45 FPS)

Xbox Series X Performance mode

  • Framerate has been increased to 60 FPS
  • Dynamic resolution added in the range of 1080p to 1440p

Xbox Series X Normal mode (non-performance mode)

  • Postprocessing has been increased to 4K
  • Dynamic resolution in the range of 1512p to 2160p

PlayStation 5

  • Framerate has been increased to 60 FPS (up from 45 FPS)
  • Postprocessing increased to 1440p
  • Dynamic resolution has been disabled and the game is rendering at 1200p (up from 810-1080p)

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