Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Patch Notes: Update Adds New Game Plus Mode And More

Your Padawan Cal Kestis can now be an Inquisitor thanks to Jedi: Fallen Order's free update.


Just in time for Star Wars Day, developer Respawn Entertainment has dropped a free Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order update for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One that adds a bunch of new content. The full patch notes detail what's new, and some of the additions are actually quite substantial.

The free update introduces new combat challenges and cosmetics for both protagonist Cal Kestis and his little droid companion, BD-1. The most notable of the additions to the action-RPG is the New Game Plus mode, which allows you to replay the campaign with "unlocked cosmetics." There is additional meditation training with "unique combat challenges" that will test your mettle against tough foes in an arena. You can also create your own challenges by placing enemies on a grid-based arena before loading into the fight.

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Lastly, Cal gets a slight makeover in this free Jedi: Fallen Order update. Now, you can dress Cal up as an Inquisitor with the "Inquisitor Cal" appearance that puts him in a blacked-out, Sith-like uniform. He also gets a new red lightsaber color to complete the Sith Warrior look.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order launched in November 2019. We scored it an 8/10 in our Jedi: Fallen Order review, saying, "Even with some rough edges, Fallen Order represents one of the most compelling game additions to the Star Wars franchise in years." Google announced in April that the action-RPG will arrive on its Stadia platform sometime this fall.

With Star Wars Day upon us, a bunch of games within the franchise are currently on sale. In fact, you can get 26 Star Wars games on Steam for under $80 right now. Jedi: Fallen Order is deeply discounted on a variety of retailers, including Amazon, GameStop, Microsoft, PlayStation, and Steam.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Free Update Patch Notes


  • New Journey + added
    • Unlocked after beating the game
    • All cosmetic unlocks are carried over
    • All lightsaber colors are available from the start
    • Exclusive dark side-themed cosmetics available in NJ+
      • Inquisitor uniform
      • Protection and Defence I & II lightsaber parts
      • Red kyber crystal
  • Meditation Training game modes added as part of NJ+
    • Combat Challenges
      • Wave-based game modes to fight against preset enemies
    • Battle Grid
      • Sandbox-style game mode for players to make their own encounters
    • Cosmetic rewards for BD-1


  • Button-mashing quick-time events can now be skipped
  • Needing to hold the Climb button can now be disabled
  • Holding a button to confirm/interact with something can be changed to a button press
  • Text size scaling options have been added

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Improved transitions between parry and block animations
  • The Bog Rats on Bogano were sometimes floating. They should now be more grounded.
  • Improved the transitions into and out of jumping and double jumping
  • Fixed the issue where Cal could get stuck in an endless falling loop during air attacks
  • Fixed the issue that would prevent Cal from progressing his journey when a Bounty Hunter would show up
  • Improved overall responsiveness of gameplay and the reliability of actions based on player feedback

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