Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Art Leaked Before Celebration Panel

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Respawn has taken the wraps off of its next game, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, at a panel during the annual Star Wars Celebration. We received lots of new details from the first story trailer and panel. , but not before an online retailer inadvertently put up a teaser image with key art.

The online store Amazon mistakenly put up a listing for a commemorative t-shirt, which showed the piece of artwork. It's been since removed, but not before fans secured the image for posterity. It shows a Jedi wielding a blue lightsaber and ascending a mountain, accompanied by a small droid that appears to be scanning. In the background, crashed into a landscape full of waterfalls, is what appears to be a Republic-era Star Destroyer.

Before the leak occurred, we already knew the story of Jedi Fallen Order will revolve around a Jedi Padawan who escaped the Emperor's purge as depicted in the film Revenge of the Sith. The game is said to take place in the Dark Times as the Emperor consolidates his power over the galaxy and hunts down the remaining Jedi. This image itself doesn't appear to shed much new light on the story, but it does look pretty cool. And hey, we know there will be t-shirts. Meanwhile, the Episode 9 trailer has revealed that Palpatine is back in some capacity for the movie, though we're not sure exactly how the Emperor pulled it off.

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Respawn began teasing its impending announcement with a social media post that showed a shrouded, broken lightsaber. It was accompanied by the words "Don't stand out," a possible reference to the story of Jedi in hiding.

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Avatar image for Pupchu

Ah yes, the good old "leak"...

Avatar image for pongman1975

I like it already. EA better not screw this up

Avatar image for mdinger

@pongman1975: I wouldn't get your hopes up too much.

Avatar image for khfreak9

Looks open worldish/sandboxy. Looking forward to the announcement.

Avatar image for Sorrow_316

I wouldn’t mind a full effort remaster of KOTOR. Get graphics on the Battlefront 2 standard

Avatar image for powdered_sugar

Here's hoping.

Star Wars is still a big cash cow for Disney despite the divisiveness of the last movie. It's be nice to see a new, good, game from the franchise. Something single player.

With no loot boxes...

... and an actual story that doesn't shit on what fans have loved for thirty some-odd years....

...and NO fuel....

.... Sorry, got distracted there. WOOHOO, potential new Star Wars game!

Avatar image for Wraith3

@powdered_sugar: ... and an actual story that doesn't shit on what fans have loved for thirty some-odd years....

Give it some time... At least it is in the Prequel era. I have zero interest in anything post ROTJ after the last movie.

Avatar image for esqueejy

@powdered_sugar: "Star Wars is still a big cash cow for Disney despite the divisiveness of the behavior of some people who threw an infantile tantrum over the last move."


It wasn't the movie's fault. It was the fault of people suffering the brain damaged delusion that they were entitled to a movie they control.

Avatar image for mdinger

@esqueejy: It wasn't unreasonable to expect a certain level of respect for the source material. The Last Jedi is at best an average film on its own merits (maybe 6/10), but it's a very bad Star Wars film (at best 2/10) imo because it disrespected established characters (especially Luke), and paid zero regard to the Star Wars lore/canon.

Even if you personally loved TLJ, you should at least appreciate the fact that dividing the fandom the way it has has been extremely negative for the franchise going forward (which by definition makes the film a failure).

Avatar image for esqueejy

@mdinger: The only thing "dividing the fandom" is the absurd and hyperbolic behavior of a small, very vocal minority that has used social media and the internet to convince itself that its outsized noise and disruption proves it to be both righteous and a majority. Neither are true.

Avatar image for mdinger

@esqueejy: LTJ only managed to earn 60% of TFA box office and had a 70% decline in box office earnings from week 1 to week 2 - unprecedented for a Star Wars movie. Solo actually lost money (also unprecedented for a Star Wars movie), and you say everything is fine in the general Star Wars fandom? uh huh.

Avatar image for esqueejy

@mdinger: It is. Billions of dollars. Solo isn't remotely the same thing s LTJ and doesn't belong in the same conversation. Apples and oranges.

Solo was not very good and they overbudgeted for it. It's outside the trilogy and a host of other differences make it an inept analogy. It also involved a reshoot.

As to TLJ, comparing it to the earnings of what was the first SW movie in a decade is also a bit weighted. Not only did TFA overperform and make way more than most usual blockbusters, but it also was accompanied by all sorts of special events, way more marketing, etc. It's also just not apples to oranges. Moreover, the 2nd films in the trilogies always make about 30% less than the first, with the third rising back up again by 20%-25%. Yes. Do your homework...Empire is frequently cited as the best one in existence and it made like 30% less than A New Hope. You're all very very busy massaging your confirmation bias by seeing what you want to see in the numbers, etc. (don't know what confirmation bias is? Look that up too).

Anyway, the point stands. I say two things: (1) Reasonable people can disagree about whether the movies were great, good, flawed or bad, but (2) the people throwing hyperbolic nutties over it and who just can't stop deluging everyone with their infantile butthurt at every single opportunity are the people who, in fact, are not reasonable.

They are a small minority of the fan base who has been responsible for dividing the fanbase, creating precisely these kinds of arguments because they're so insane and irrationally angry over the whole thing. They attack anyone who disagrees or who points out that 2 years of this temper tantrum nonsense is far too long. They flock to and form echo chambers on comment boards to commiserate with each other about their butthurt and anger and how cool they all are to be outraged over it. They insist they're the majority when they're clearly, demonstrably not, because NORMAL PEOPLE MOVE ON AND STOP THROWING TANTRUMS OVER THINGS THAT UPSET THEM. As such, they don't post. They're chased away by you people actually. Nobody wants to bother or participate in discussions when it's just the same thing over and over and over and over: "Me so maaaad!!!! Me insist everyone be mad with me!!!! You not mad me throw abuse at you!!!!!" Grow up and deal with some disappointment like g-dm adults for once, instead of polluting every single conversation and comment board you can find with angry screeds, petulant moping and attacks on anyone who dares to fail to adopt the hater line...not to mention the review brigading and attempts to tank new and upcoming products out of some sort of revenge.

Avatar image for powdered_sugar

@esqueejy: I see it as a little bit of both. The inclusion of fuel was a weak plot device that flies in the face of *everything* about Star Wars. There were also a lot of problems with direction, pacing, characters behaving just.. stupidly..., and a ton of other stuff. I don't fault people for liking it, I just thought it was terrible.

..The fuel though... I just can't let that go...

Avatar image for Sorrow_316

@powdered_sugar: kind of reminded me when mass effect one had infinite ammo but heating issues, then in mass effect 2 they introduced “thermal clips” to basically introduce ammo.

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I have a bad feeling about

Avatar image for dragonslayer33

I have a huge feeling that even though this would be an awesome game, there's no way Disney would ever release another Star Wars game unless it was canon. Games were way better before Disney purchased it and decanonized everything.

Avatar image for lostn

I give this game a 25% chance of being canceled. It is Star Wars after all.

Avatar image for ccgod

@lostn: and the chance to be canceled increases as the game gets closer to finishing lol

Avatar image for attirex

Artwork is missing loot boxes?

Avatar image for Rufus_the_rat

The creativity on display in that artwork is truly inspiring.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Rufus_the_rat: Don't lecture us Rufus I see through the lies of the Jedi.