Star Wars: Grievous Getaway First Look

Slow down, before you do grievous Yeah.


General Grievous, the "villain" of Star Wars: Episode III--he'll actually come to be seen as sort of a good guy, thanks to the contortions of the series' plot--is a hybrid robot/alien juggernaut with a nasty four-armed lightsaber attack. Clearly, he must be stopped, and Obi-Wan Kenobi is just the man to do it. In Star Wars: Grievous Getaway, you'll try to catch up with Grievous' bizarre motorcycle-like craft, hack it to bits with your lightsaber, and stop the madness.

THQ Wireless is billing the experience as a Spy Hunter-type arcade game, complete with a top-down viewpoint and a score leaderboard. You'll have to dodge lots of obstacles on the hazardous surface of the "sinkhole planet" Utapau, including civilians, which you must avoid killing, and droids, which you must avoid being killed by. If you go too slowly, though, Grievous will make good on his escape. Once you catch Grievous, you'll unlock a special mode to reverse roles to play as the gangly robot freak as he flees Obi-Wan.

That's pretty much all we know about Grievous Getaway at this time, because THQ Wireless lacked a playable build at the press event. The concept sounds solid, and we're hoping that it continues to evolve in the time before its November release. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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