Star Wars Game Deals - Xbox One Games Up To 75% Off For May The 4th (US, UK, AU)

May 4th deals are already here.

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The unofficial annual holiday known as Star Wars Day is coming up this weekend on May 4, but Microsoft is kicking off its deals early with a "May the 4th be with you" sale on several Star Wars titles. The deals are available in the United States, UK, and Australia, and you can grab these games at a discount through the weekend. Here's what's available:

Star Wars Battlefront's Ultimate edition, which includes the Deluxe edition and a season pass with new content, is only $5, a full 75% off; meanwhile, Star Wars Battlefront II is 70% off--you can grab it for just $7.50 right now. If you want to grab both, just get the Star Wars Battlefront Hoth bundle, which comes with both games (including all Ultimate edition bonuses) plus Hoth appearances for Luke, Han, and Leia in Battlefront II. The bundle is selling for just under $10 (67% off).

If you enjoy the Lego games, pick up Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens while it's marked down this week. The standard edition is available for 50% off at just $10, while the Deluxe edition is also half off at $15 for the base game and all season pass content. In this local co-op game, you can play as all the characters from The Force Awakens, including Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Kylo Ren, and even BB-8. The game also includes brand-new story content set in the time between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

While Star Wars deals are on your mind, be sure to check out our full list of all the best Star Wars Day sales happening this weekend, and grab the discounted Star Wars Xbox One games below!

Shop these Xbox One Star Wars Day deals:

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Call me when this deal appears after the Fallen Order launches coz i have no interest in multiplayer focused Star Wars games which are full of lootboxes and mts

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@sladakrobot: I think you missed either "zero" or "no" in that sentence or at least I hope you did.

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@gotrekfabian: thx...corrected

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The Lego game is good. Playing that made me wish for another Lucas Arts X-Wing/Tie Fighter game, the Lego game has some epic feeling ship battles and runs, on planet and in space. Of course a lot more arcadey feeling but man wtf is EA doing with that license. Make some real games please.

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Oh...Disney Star Wars...I was hoping for Lucas Arts games.

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Save big on the deep, deep library of Star Wars games that have come out this generation.

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@Cikatriz_ESP: yeah, all THREE games...