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Star Wars Galaxies totally bundled?

LucasArts' MMORPG bundle listed as "The Total Experience"; set will include the upcoming expansion, Rage of the Wookiees.


Visitors to online retailer who used the Force may have stumbled across a listing for a new Star Wars Galaxies bundle, called Star Wars Galaxies: The Total Experience. LucasArts has not yet announced the bundle, which is listed as having a May 24 release. LucasArts was unavailable to confirm the bundle's release as of press time.

According to and other online retailers, the package will contain Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided and the expansions Jump to Lightspeed and the upcoming Rage of the Wookiees, which was announced last month. The Total Experience is being listed with a $29.99 price tag. Interestingly enough, LucasArts has already begun to take preorders for an advanced digital download of Rage of the Wookiees (which includes Jump to Lightspeed) for $24.99. The expansion will be available for download May 5 and will hit retail shelves approximately three weeks later, according to Sony's online store.

The Total Experience will include the BARC (Biker Advanced Recon Commandos) Speeder, a vehicle used by commandos during the Clone Wars, as exclusive content. It is unclear whether the Varactyl, Obi-Wan's birdlike mount (which will be included as part of the Rage of the Wookiees digital download), will also be included in the Total Experience.

Star Wars Galaxies: The Total Experience is waiting to receive a rating from the ESRB. For more information on the series, read GameSpot's full reviews of An Empire Divided and Jump to Lightspeed.

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