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Star Wars Galaxies end-game detailed

Sony Online Entertainment letting player performance in remaining months decide whether the Rebels or Imperials will ultimately emerge victorious.


With Star Wars Galaxies passing the sci-fi series' massively multiplayer online torch to Star Wars: The Old Republic this year, Sony Online Entertainment today detailed the retiring MMO role-playing game's last hurrah. The publisher will pull the plug on Star Wars Galaxies December 15, but not before it declares an ultimate victor in the ongoing battle between the Rebellion and the Empire.

Max Rebo's farewell tour begins September 15.
Max Rebo's farewell tour begins September 15.

Starting next month, SOE will run new events and contests challenging players of both sides to rack up Galactic Civil War points. At an as-yet-undetermined time before the game shuts down, the points will be tallied up, and an ultimate winner will be declared for each of the game's servers. Beyond just having a victor declared, that determination will change what happens in the game's last moments on December 15.

To participate in the final run up to the game's demise, gamers will need to have an active Star Wars Galaxies subscription or SOE All Access Game Pass on September 15. That's the last day for users to create new accounts in the game or reactivate old ones. Billing for the game will be turned off October 15, allowing those with active accounts at the time to keep playing free of charge until the game's end.

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