Star Wars Galaxies culling servers October 15

Sony Online Entertainment offering free character transfers in lead up to trimming of intergalactic MMOG's world count from 25 to 13 next month.


When BioWare officially announced Star Wars: The Old Republic nearly a year ago, LucasArts remained upbeat on the future of its other massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Star Wars Galaxies. As noted by Jake Neri, producer for LucasArts' online division, the oft-maligned Sony Online Entertainment-developed title would carry on beyond the launch of BioWare's highly anticipated MMOG.

Some of you, unfortunately, will not be making it back.
Some of you, unfortunately, will not be making it back.

While that may be the case, Star Wars Galaxies will be operating with a lighter load of servers. This week, SOE announced that it would be taking nearly half of the game's player servers offline on October 15. Beginning today, all players on the 12 affected servers have the opportunity to apply for a free transfer to one of the remaining 13 servers. Players who do not transfer their profiles by 5:00 p.m. PT on October 15 will lose access to their characters.

In light of the server consolidation, SOE was quick to point out that the game has a number of new enhancements in the pipeline. Over the next few months, the developer plans to roll out the Chronicle Master System, Death Troopers, and Galactic Civil War regions.

Servers poised to be shut down as part of the consolidation are listed below. A FAQ addressing the server closures and character transfers is available through SOE's Web site.


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