Star Wars: First Assault gameplay footage emerges

Video from older version of rumored downloadable shooter surfaces showing off guns and abilities; game's current status is unknown.


Gameplay footage from the rumored Star Wars: First Assault has emerged, showing off the first video from a downloadable multiplayer shooter that may never be. Kotaku has obtained two videos, both cut from a internal trailer in October or November last year.

Image credit: Kotaku
Image credit: Kotaku

The footage is reportedly from an older version of the game and is not necessarily emblematic of what Star Wars: First Assault looks like at present. According to the site's source, the trailer contains all in-game footage, including bugs and incomplete art.

"In the time since it was made, many improvements have been made in performance, completeness, and quality," this person said.

The first video clip, which shows a Stormtrooper putting on a helmet, is a pre-rendered introduction to the full trailer. The second is a gameplay clip that shows a squad of Stormtroopers taking on rebels in a variety of locations. It features a mix of first- and third-person sequences, and shows off some of the game's guns and abilities.

First Assault, along with Star Wars 1313, has reportedly been on hold since Disney purchased the Star Wars brand in October. The game first came to light last year, when artwork for the Xbox Live Arcade version was posted online.

The game is also reportedly "step zero" to Star Wars: Battlefront III, a test of sorts for Star Wars shooter games that run on the Unreal Engine. If the game is successful, it could lead to the release of the long-in-development--and heavily debated--Battlefront III.

The game's current status is unknown.

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