Star Wars fighting game footage emerges

Tech demo for original Xbox brawler from now-defunct Studio Gigante set in sci-fi universe surfaces.


Footage of a canceled Star Wars fighting game has surfaced. Robomodo president Josh Tsui has released a video (via Polygon) for an untitled brawler set in George Lucas' sci-fi universe. The game was in development for the original Xbox at the now-defunct Studio Gigante, which Tsui cofounded.

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According to Tsui, the footage (below) is in-game and meant to show a proof of concept. It has not been edited, he said, noting it was meant to accompany a presentation.

The video shows off a battle between Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul, the main antagonist of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Gameplay appears to take place in a 3D space instead of on a 2D plane and also features slow-motion sequences and Force moves.

This game would not have been the first Star Wars fighting game. LucasArts developed the weapon-based 3D fighting game Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi in the late 1990s for the original PlayStation. In addition, Darth Vader, Yoda, and other Star Wars characters appeared in 2008's SoulCalibur IV.

jedi from Robomodo on Vimeo.

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Darth Maul is OPed

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looks like a very very early and limited alpha test. If it would be peeled more and added faster and more complex combat, count me in

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damn this sucks!!! and wtf is up with the sound

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omg... I almost fall asleep whatching this... no exciting stuff for a Star Wars game, sorry

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"How fast paced and exciting! And the graphics are amazing!"

-a man recently thawed after 15 years with his head frozen in a bucket of ectocooler.

I also have to question their use of slow motion special attacks and finishers in a game where the fighters move like an arthritis addled elderly couple at ballet recital. Had there been a clip with Yoda, it would have looked like some form of alien slug mating ritual.

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it looks poorly animated and the fighting breaks down to "Bzzzt Fshhh Kick!" "Bzzt Fshhhh Punch!" ... repeat

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This game would be weird, if a lightsaber would connect to flesh, it would be like a hot knife through butter, but Starwars wouldn't allow such disfiguration. What would be the point of the lightsaber fighting then?

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The biggest difficulty, in my opinion, of making a Star Wars lightsaber brawler, is that none of the players actually have the force within them (as sad as that is), which means the controls inevitably have to be simplified in order to keep things looking like an actual saber fight. With fists and blades, you can get away with blood spurts and health bars, but with laser swords that are one-hit kills, more or less, you can't. Or at least not without some big excuse, like dropping Darth Vader into Soul Calibur. That's okay because he has to adapt to the Soul Calibur universe, but in Star Wars, lighstabers are extremely lethal. Still, I'd like to see a decent Star Wars brawler if anyone could pull it off, but maybe the characters are best suited to cameos.

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@amdreallyfast and @Gears_0f_L0ve If you see Jedi Academy multiplayer you might change your mind. That game had some of the best jedi duels you could ever play. You could also turn on realistic saber in the ini for single player, so basically anything that touched you saber was immediately annihilated ha ha. Same for Jedi Outcast.

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@sknight175216 @amdreallyfast @Gears_0f_L0ve god I love Jedi Outcast.

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episode 3 had a fighting option...old hat!

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i wanna play that

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a star wars RPG is sorely needed. the KOTOR series was mostly brilliant, imo. also, i remember enjoying battlefield 1 & 2 and SW ep 3 on the Ps2 back in 2005.

ahhh *smiles and reminisces*...when i was younger etc.

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im sure there was a two player option where you could fight like this on an original xbox jedi academy game. it was fun for a very limited time. It may work now with better hardware.

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It sort of reminds me of the fighting mini-game that was able to be unlocked in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I wonder if the two are related?

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@SecularSage Yeah there was a similar mode in The Force Unleashed on the Wii. It was basically Super Smash Brothers with Star Wars characters. I can't remember if that particular mode was included in the other versions though.

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looks pretty bad.. tho who knows how early that footage was..

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Looks quite clunky

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How good would a modern version of this be, just sayin?

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I see what the developers were trying to do, but the only way to make a slow fighting game work is if most blows are lethal. I remember this one slow paced Asian fighting game for the PS1 where you die every time in 1-2 hits. It was quite fun and tense. Stance, timing, and attack angle were all important. If they lived a hit, their model would have maybe a broken arm, causing them to adjust their fighting tactics.

I wouldn't mind a Star Wars game visiting that concept. If a lightsaber connects with your opponent, I want them severed in a few hits. No life bars.

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looks a bit slow for a fighter doesn't it ?

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sword hits each other then kick/punch/sword slash. (repeat the same thing till the enemy is low health for the final move)

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This is the epic openner to the new Star Wars Episode 7. On a serious note, this doesn't look all that bad for xbox standards. Kind of a shame it wasn't released might not have been a bad game.

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I'll stick with Plasma Sword >_>

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Holy heck, does that look bad. At least we were never able to get out hands on that stinker.

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After 40 seconds of watching this video I had to stop it and comment. This is probably the worst fighting game I have ever seen. Even the old karate nintendo games inspired me more.

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Wow, what an awful game!!!!!!

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Looks like endless quicktime events -_-

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How did this just surface? The video is three years old.

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Does anyone actually read the article? It was a CANNED game for the original xbox...

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I'm just glad that the game was not made!!

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This was in development for the ORIGINAL xbox. Slagging it off before you read the article, haha i suppose some people only look at pictures, silly me, assuming everyone on here could read

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im sticking to naruto ultimate ninja storm...

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Was this old footage of Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi?
hahaha.. cause if this was made in 2013 then that's not good.. come on Disney, give them some funding!
And @capyvaraepg even if this "IS NOT finished" then they shouldn't be releasing video of it that looks worse then a comic strip I could draw out of two fighting each other..

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looks terrible. enough said

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why can't they make this a brawler type fighting game like, "Injustice: gods among us", but with a Star Wars feel to it and put some jedi and sith fatalities plus devastating killer combos and moves on there? Would anyone buy it, hell yes I would, anyone else?

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To all the whimpping guys, this game IS NOT finished. It is like a foudation for software testing, development of new features and polishing.

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@capyvaraepg still looks terrible.. the only kind of lightsaber battle i want to be in, is a fast paced duel. not some one hit, pause, and try to hit them duel. its like watching the battles from episodes 4,5,6 which were terrible compared to saber battles in 1,2, and 3. granted better choreography now days is the reason for that, but still.. this just looks lame

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This is in slow motion right?

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Gameplay looks worse than any combat in a SW game.

It's not simply worse than any dedicated fighting game ever made, it would be a weak point as a solitary aspect in all but the most appalling games.

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looks terrible

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The Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith game for PS2 actually had a very fun fighting game mode.

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This actually looks good...

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Seeing Darth Maul stab Mannequin Skywalker through the stomach made me smile.

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LoL! Why are they in this claustrophobic setting? What's next? figting in a closet?

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Anyway, if you want a Star Wars fighting game, use the MK9 engine, and ure good to go.

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@nomailx They couldn't, they were Studio Gigante. When John Tobias left Midway he left the proprietary rights to that engine behind as well.

Mortal Kombat was owned by Midway; which is why they had to start from scratch. That being said since most of them came from Midway their first project was Tao Feng:Fist of the Lotus.

From the looks of it they may have built this fighting game on that engine;the Tao Feng Engine. It was after all being developed for the original xbox.

And I agree with the poster who said that the fighting mode in the Star Wars: episode 3 movie tie in game was fun.

That said, judging by the gameplay of the game in this video, I felt like there needed to be more movement. Bear in mind Super Smash Bros was also out around this time.

And the fighting in this game could have stood to be a bit more like that. Also some of the animations seemed incomplete and stiff, very restrictive.

You watch the movies from episodes 1 - 3 and the fighting choreography has improved. Heck even the fighting choreography in episodes 5 - 6 were improved over episode 4.

If anything they should have tried to make it better than the movies maybe worked with the choreographers but taking the same direction Lucas seemed to be pushing it in.

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This looks terrible. Even eleven year old games like Jedi Outcast handles lightsaber combat better.

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Looks like a good game, being played badly, and that dosen't make a bad game, just a bad demo, feels like something from star wars force unleashed, but that's just me... I dunno why all these canceled star wars games are turning up all the sudden...