Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker Footage And New Poster Drops

Hopefully, Disney will release the footage wide soon.


Last weekend's D23 gave fans a better look at what movies Disney has coming out in the next couple of years, including a new trailer for The Mandalorian and news about the Obi-Wan TV series, both for Disney+. On Saturday, those attending the Disney Movies panel got to see some footage for Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker, and now, that footage has been released online.

Although the only people who actually got to watch the new footage were those who attended the panel, GameSpot's Chris E. Hayner was on the ground to tell us exactly what went down during the fast-paced video sequence. It opens up with Rey, Poe Dameron, Finn, Chewbacca, and C-3PO arriving on a planet. A fleet of Resistance fighters are coming out of lightspeed, which then turns into a reveal of a fleet of Star Destroyers, lined up in space in an attack position.

Back on the ground, Rey chops down a tree by throwing her lightsaber at it. This leads to a battle between Rey and Kylo Ren on what seems to be the planet from the end of the first Star Wars: Episode 9 trailer. At one point, Rey is using a double-sided, red lightsaber. What's different about this lightsaber is that it's like a switchblade knife. It started originally with two red beams, side by side, then snapped out to become double-sided. During this, Rey is wearing a hooded robe, which paired with the red lightsaber gives her a serious Dark Side vibe.

During the panel, the cast hit the stage to talk a little bit about their characters. Keri Russell spoke a bit about her role as Zorri Bliss, who has been a bit of a mystery to fans. "I had this amazing costume and this helmet, which I actually loved to wear and didn't take it off for the first two days," explained Russell. "I found it strangely empowering and exciting. [Zorri Bliss is] very cool and a little bit shady. She's kind of a criminal and sort of this old friend of Poe's."

Additionally, a new movie poster was revealed for the movie. It features Rey and Kylo Ren battling each other. A star-lit space is the backdrop, as well as the transparent face of The Emperor, who died in Return of the Jedi but makes his return in The Rise of Skywalker. Check it out below.

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We'll have to wait and learn more about Zorri Bliss and the rest of Episode 9 until the movie hits theaters on December 20. Additionally, the Disney Movies Panel at D23 also revealed more info on the Black Widow, Eternals, and Black Panther 2 films.

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