Star Wars Episode 9: JJ Abrams Bringing Keri Russell To The Cast

Russell reunites with JJ Abrams for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

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Star Wars: Episode IX is set to start production this summer ahead of its December 2019 release. The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams is returning to the director's chair, along with most of the main cast from The Last Jedi. But as ever, there will be a host of new characters, and it has been reported the The Americans star Keri Russell has joined the cast.

According to Variety, Russell was one of several actors that Abrams considered for the currently-unknown role. Russell has worked with Abrams before, having appeared in the director's 2006 action hit Mission: Impossible III. As well as the lead role in FX's acclaimed show The Americans, Russell also appeared in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac are all expected to return for Episode IX. Ridley has already stated that this will be her final Star Wars movie. "I am really, really excited to do the third thing and round it out, because ultimately, what I was signing on to was three films," she said. "So in my head, it's three films. I think it will feel like the right time to round it out."

Abrams joined the movie in September last year, following the departure of original director Colin Trevorrow. Although little is known about Episode IX at this stage, Abrams has already stated that he won't play it safe with his second Star Wars film. "I feel like we need to approach this with the same excitement that we had when we were kids loving what these movies were," he said. "But at the same time, we have to take them places that they haven't gone, and that's sort of our responsibility."

Episode IX hits theaters on December 20, 2019 and is currently the only other Star Wars movie on Disney's release schedule. Despite rumors that the studio might have stopped development on some of its planned spin-offs following the financial disappointment of the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story, last month a Disney spokesman denied this was the case. In addition, there are two separate Star Wars movies series in the works, one from The Last Jedi's Rian Johnson, the other from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

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May the Force be with you, SW... (heavy sigh)

Avatar image for oneligas

I really hope Mark Hamill just outright refuses to return in this Episode IX. Keri Russel is not the type of actress that's appropriate for Star Wars. The rumor mill already has the ammo to over hype who she plays. Stuff like Mara Jade and Rey's mom are unlikely unless it's the Disney version of Mara with another name. It's 99% likely that JJ will just remake RotJ with some lifted ideas from some other movies.

Avatar image for ToadstoolPeach

I'd say let's see if JJ can fix the train wreck Rian Johnson started, but I'd rather not give any more money to Disney after this fiasco.

Avatar image for pointingmonkey

My guess is that she'll be Mara Jade. Disney will use the chance of Mara Jade becoming canon and the return of Lando as a ploy to get people back in the seats. It's classic JJ 'I don't have an original or creative idea in my head, so I result to pandering to your nostaglia' Abrams.

Avatar image for elkatana

@pointingmonkey Possibly.:

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@pointingmonkey: Classic Jar Jar*

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Plot twist, Kylo is a non binary, gender fluid apache helicopter.

Avatar image for fishnpeas1

No amount of JJ superglue can put this crap back together again. Whatever he does now will just come out as bad writing.

Avatar image for Lord_Diablo13

Hoping for Rey to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the galaxy. Best way to go out.

Avatar image for fishnpeas1

@Lord_Diablo13: I'd prefer it if she died on the toilet badly constipated.

Avatar image for p0tent

Who's even going to go watch this trash anyways? They ruined it so bad.

Avatar image for Mogan

@p0tent: Dude, tons of people are going to watch Star Wars Episode 9, whether it's good or not, and you know it.

Avatar image for aross2004

@p0tent: I will. Much like the second trilogy of The Lord of the Rings movies, I'll watch more Star Wars because it brings me back to a universe that I will always love.

Avatar image for elkatana

We need a WWE Superstar in Star Wars IX.

Maybe Edge.

Avatar image for NeverMore0

Abrams? I thought they agreed to let Rian Johnson do the next two. Thank goodness that was innaccurate. He shouldn't even be getting the one more he's getting, but at least he's out for IX.

Avatar image for mike468

@NeverMore0: No, they gave Rian Johnson his own trilogy, becasue Disney liked TLJ so much, pre-release.

Avatar image for NeverMore0

@mike468: Well shit. That's disappointing. Maybe they'll at least reel him in and make him use a writer who's not himself.

Avatar image for Paulf001

@NeverMore0: There have been rumors that he won't get a trilogy due to fan backlash from TLJ.

Avatar image for jodinheim

@Paulf001: Good, in my mind, the TLJ's my least favorite of the Star Wars films. It's just all over the place and filled with silly humor/jokes and just boring actors. Captain Phasma was completed wasted.

Ewan Mcgregor as Obi vs Grievous (and a terrific voice actor) went so very very well. But we got none of that. Even the Pratorian seen with Driver/Ridley, had too many fast cuts and back and forth. They should have done it all in one shot.

Avatar image for bigdavex

@NeverMore0: He did write an early script that Colin Trevorrow revised for when he was going to direct, but I think that's been ditched now.

Avatar image for v1ndictive


Bad news for you, Rian's helming a full trilogy next...

Avatar image for alex33x

Im not even watching this movie, they lose me after last jedi. I didnt even like The Force Awakens, but I was more forgiving as it was the entry. But after the last Jedi they just need to stop making movies, solo was just ok, the only decent movie was Rogue One.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

Its already ruined.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Oh god I hope this doesn't confirm that leaked script is real...

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@CallMeDuraSouka: Here's a video on it if you're interested it sounds awful:

Basically in the leaked plot there is some main female character they meet which could be Keri Russel...

Avatar image for locke90

star wars is on its death bed thanks to Disney's canning of the original eu so why not its just another nail in the coffin at this point.

Avatar image for AgentOO8

She's the new green or blue haired admiral who will warp-speed-kamikaze her ship into the first order headquarters finally ending the conflict.

Avatar image for stm1185

@AgentOO8: And here I thought I would not get to see Poe Dameron nagged at and talked down to by a domineering woman again!

How will she stop his heroic toxic masculinity and get everyone killed, and in a way that tops The Last Jedi's complete destruction of the rebel fleet!

Let's Find Out!

Avatar image for ballashotcaller

Reys mother