Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Delayed Again

Now this is going to eventually at some point be podracing.


Star Wars: Episode 1 is memorable for a few key, standout reasons: Darth Maul, the podrace scene--end of list. But the podrace was immortalized in the classic game Episode 1 Racer that's now being ported to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. That port has now been delayed indefinitely on both platforms.

In a tweet, publisher Aspyr announced that the port is being further delayed because of complications from the work-at-home requirements that are happening all across the industry due to coronavirus. This followed a previous delay for the PS4 version from May 12 to May 26. The new announcement didn't attach a new release date for either platform.

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In Episode 1, podracing is a deadly high-stakes sport enjoyed on the dusty planet of Tatooine and basically involves tethering two jet engines to a soapbox car. Despite sapping all dramatic tension by making the stakes so high that there's no way Anakin could possibly lose the race, it was visually thrilling and a neat bit of world-building in the Star Wars universe.

"Its sense of speed is great, especially when you are whipping past corridors and canyons at 600mph," Elliot Chin wrote in GameSpot's Star Wars Episode 1: Racer review. "The graphics for the most part look good; the tracks are plentiful, varied, and interesting; and the racing experience is plain fun."

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