Star Wars Ep III controllers due in April

Intec unveils line of controllers for the PS2 and Xbox that give Revenge of the Sith players a boost.


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Gamers looking for that extra edge in the upcoming game Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith won't need to rely on Jedi mind tricks. In April, Intec will ship PlayStation 2 and Xbox controllers designed to work with the game, which is due in May for both consoles. The Jedi Hunter 2.4GHz wireless controller ($29.99) lets gamers program their favorite combinations into the device. It also sports a lightsaber button (which comes in handy during saber duels), a turbo button, rubberized grips, ergonomic analog sticks, dual vibration motors, a three-position rumble switch, and the ability to function in games of up to 16 players without interference. The Jedi Hunter controller ($19.99) offers button-combo programmability, and it glows red during battle scenes for that extra touch of evil. In the Sith vs. Jedi 2-Pack ($29.99), gamers get one Jedi Hunter controller and another for Jedi Knights, which is programmable and glows blue in players will know the Force is with them.

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