Star Wars Eclipse Leak Was Intentional, Meant To Gauge Interest - Report

The studio allegedly hopes the leak will also bolster hiring efforts.


Over the weekend, story details of Star Wars: Eclipse leaked. Other sources now claim that the leak was intentional. Documents concern Eclipse's story details were leaked to the Sacred Symbols podcast, transcribed by VGC. According to Insider Gaming, it was a controlled leak, meant to gauge interest in the title. Sources claimed that the leak is also meant to bolster recruitment efforts for Quantic Dream.

The leak revealed that the Eclipse centers around an alien race called the Zaraan, an empire on the outskirts of the Star Wars universe. The story concerns a married couple, Sarah and Xendo, who find themselves on opposite sides of a political conflict. However, the game is still in pre-production and will likely not release until 2026 or later. Eclipse's announcement trailer released at the 2021 Game Awards. Even at the time, it was clear that the game was far off and likely a way for the studio to raise recruitment.

Quantic Dream has also been at the center of accusations of a toxic, sexist, and racist workplace culture as well as financial mismanagement. Several French media outlets, including Mediapart and Le Monde, released reports. The company denied the allegations and worked to squash the bad press. Quantic Dream sued Mediapart for libel and lost. Executives David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière won a case against Le Monde, primarily because the newspaper refused to expose its sources.

After 25 years of independence, Quantic Dream was acquired by NetEase this year. It also opened an office in Montreal in 2021.

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