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Star Wars Day: Sleep In The Intestines Of A Tauntaun With This May The 4th Deal

GameStop is discounting a very weird Star Wars sleeping bag for Star Wars Day.


While everyone else was freezing their asses off on Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Tauntaun were comfy cozy thanks to their thick skin. While I for one have never considered what it would be like to have Tauntaun skin, there's a sleeping bag available at GameStop that lets you crawl inside a Tauntaun and feel the warm embrace of its intestines. The Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag is normally quite pricey at $100, but GameStop has it on sale for $50 for Star Wars Day.

To complete the realistic appearance, the sleeping bag features Tauntaun arms, legs, and a tail. It's 33 inches wide and 67 inches long, not including the head or legs.

This is perhaps the best (worst?) Star Wars Day deal we've seen so far. GameStop also has some other worthwhile Star Wars Day deals. If you collect Star Wars action figures, there are a bunch of Black Series figures on sale for 15% off. For more Star Wars discounts, check out our roundup of the best Star Wars Day deals.

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