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Star Wars Day 2020: The Best Funko Pops In The Galaxy For May The 4th

More than 400 Star Wars Funko Pops have been made so far. We tried to whittle down the collection to the best figures.


No franchise outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been better represented when it comes to Funko Pops than Star Wars. With more than 400 Pops released since Funko launched the vinyl figure lineup in 2011, it's incredibly easy to find a figure (and usually much more than one) of your favorite character from the galaxy far, far away. Star Wars fans could embark on the gargantuan task of collecting every single Pop figure from the iconic entertainment empire, but you'd wind up dropping a ton of cash for a massive collection of Pops that vary widely in quality. With that said, we decided to collect the best Star Wars Funko Pops here.

We'll add more Pops to this list over time as Funko releases new iterations of Luke, Leia, Han, Baby Yoda, and more. Hopefully this list will point you in the right direction if you're just getting started on your Star Wars, Funko-Pop-collecting-journey.

Best Star Wars Funko Pops

Baby Yoda | $8.78

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Baby Yoda, officially known as The Child, is almost unfathomably cute. His innate adorableness shines in the first official Baby Yoda Pop. The figure is now available, but it had already become the best-selling Funko Pop of all-time prior to its release. So it makes sense to start with the Prince of Cuteness, the absolute best baby in the galaxy.

Baby Yoda with Frog | $8.78

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Of course, Funko didn't stop with one Baby Yoda Pop figure. This particular Baby Yoda Pop shows the adorable Force-wielder eating his afternoon snack of choice: frog. Baby Yoda with Frog releases this August, but you can pre-order it now at its lowest price from Walmart.

Baby Yoda with Cup | $8.78

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This Baby Yoda Pop commemorates one of Baby Yoda's best moments. Yes, we're talking about when he casually sips soup, which quickly became a massively popular meme. It also releases in August and is available to pre-order at a discount at Walmart.

The Mandalorian and Child Pop Vinyl Television Moment | $30

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A Television Moments Deluxe Pop, this Mandalorian display comes with a regular size Mando and an itty bitty Baby Yoda in his bassinet. The large display makes it an ideal collector's item that really stands out. It releases in September and is available to pre-order now.

Electrocuted Darth Vader | $12

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Electrocuted Darth Vader hails from one of the best scenes in Return of the Jedi. Just as Palpatine is about to kill Luke with Force lightning, Vader listens to the cries of his son and tosses Palpatine over the railing to his death. Sure, The Rise of Skywalker sort of tossed the Emperor's fiery and memorable death to the side, but let's pretend none of that happened. This Electrocuted Vader Pop commemorates arguably the most human act of Anakin Skywalker since he donned the black helmet for the first time.

First Order Tread Speeder (Movie Moments) | $15

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Introduced in Rise of Skywalker, the First Order Tread Speeder is a pretty nifty ground vehicle that helps Stormtroopers get around in a jiffy. While this Pop version of the Speeder features two nameless Stormtroopers who likely have unbelievably terrible aim, it's still a really cool 5-inch Pop with a rugged terrain stand.

Emperor Palpatine | $11

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With his yellow eyes and black cloak, Emperor Palpatine is easily one of the most insidious-looking Pop figures you can buy. This one is modeled after his appearance in Return of the Jedi, showing his Force lightning radiating from his hands as he attacks Luke. It's only fitting to purchase both Electrocuted Vader and Emperor Palpatine and place them right next to each mother. Maybe even tape ole Palpatine to Vader's head or something.

BB-8 | $8.97

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Every Star Wars movie needs a useful droid or two. In The Force Awakens, BB-8 plays a vital role in helping locate Luke on Ahch-To. BB-8 is probably the third most well-known Star Wars droid--obviously losing to R2-D2 and C-3PO--and is the robotic star of the new trilogy. Sure, BB-9E tried to steal its thunder and D-O is a tad cuter, but everyone knows BB-8 is the best. The BB-8 figure comes mounted to a stand so it won't roll away.

Cal Kestis with BD-1 | $10

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a pleasant surprise, offering an engaging Star Wars story set years after the events of Revenge of the Sith in the throes of the Great Jedi Purge. Naturally, you play as a young Jedi named Cal Kestis. Out of all of the many Star Wars games, Kestis is easily one of the most compelling original characters. As a Pop figure, he's accompanied by his droid buddy, BD-1--the most adorable droid in the Star Wars universe.

Rey | $5.76

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Though Rey's arc in the movies came to a close on an awkward note, her origin from humble beginnings to powerful wielder of the Force was a fun ride. Outside of Yoda and maybe Luke, Rey is the most adept Jedi we've seen in the film series. As the main protagonist of the latest trilogy, Rey's received numerous Funko Pops. This figure, modeled after one of her looks in Rise of Skywalker, is our favorite. The Dark Rey RoS Pop is also quite cool, but it doesn't feel right to choose her Sith look when she wound up sticking with the right team.

Training Luke with Yoda | $11

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This Luke Pop, which doesn't release until April, is a tad bizarre given the arrival of Baby Yoda. Perhaps it's because of the small size of Pop figure, but Master Yoda looks much smaller on Luke's back than he did in The Empire Strikes Back. He's also almost as cute as Baby Yoda here? The wildlife terrain of Dagobah is represented in the design of the display stand. As a Pop that calls back to an important sequence in the original trilogy, this one is definitely worth adding to your Star Wars collection. Flashing your Lightsaber at Stormtroopers is cool, but carrying your new pal on your back is even cooler.

IG-11 | $10

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The Mandalorian's IG-11 had the best character arc in Season 1 of the Disney Plus series. The tall, heavily armed droid went from being programmed to kill Baby Yoda to programmed to protect Baby Yoda at all costs. IG-11 basically turns into Baby Yoda's nanny, and it's just the sweetest thing. Though I'd prefer to see its Pop figure swaddling Baby Yoda rather than toting a gun, let this well-designed Pop serve as a reminder that we can all change for the better.

Boba Fett (Green Chrome) | $15

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Gold chrome Pops are fairly common, but other chrome finishes are far less prevalent. Boba Fett's distinguished gray and green bounty hunter attire is replaced by a slick green chrome finish that truly stands out. Out of all of the figures on this list, Boba Fett pops the most on the shelf.

Supreme Leader Kylo Ren in the Whisper | $17.25

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This Kylo Ren Pop features one of the coolest spacecrafts in Star Wars history, the modified TIE Whisper, which makes no sound as it zips through the air. The Deluxe Pop comes in at six inches and includes a window display box. It's quite humorous that his head is bigger than the cockpit, but this is nevertheless one of the more striking "set piece" Pops.

Poe Dameron | $8.83

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Poe Dameron, an excellent pilot and all-around great dude, received a decent amount of screen time in the new trilogy, but the Oscar Isaac-played character deserved more, right? At least you can take home a miniature depiction of the Resistance operative in Pop form, which is complete with a handsome shadow across his cheeks. Admittedly, Oscar Isaac's magnificent hair is hard to replicate, but he still looks pretty dapper.

Chewbacca (Gold Metallic) | $6

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You cannot have a Star Wars Funko Pop list without Chewbacca, the lovable Wookie who made an indelible mark on the original trilogy and has remained a fixture in Star Wars movies ever since. He's in the running for best non-human character despite never uttering a coherent word. Chewbacca's gold metallic Pop is quite distinguished and is a Walmart exclusive.

C-3PO | $14

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Modeled after its appearance in The Force Awakens, this jolly C-3PO Pop has that distinctive red arm that was a bit jarring to see in the film. As of late, Star Wars has loved to explain plot points from the movies in other media, so we actually learned from a one-shot comic the detailed reason why C-3PO had the red arm. It's a sad tale about fallen friends and the meaning of life as a droid.

Princess Leia | $20

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One of the only Funko Pops that captures Princess Leia's look in the original trilogy, including the twin hair buns that have been known as Princess Leia Buns ever since. It's certainly not the flashiest Star Wars Funko Pop, but it's the best one that commemorates one of the franchise's best characters. This Leia figure also happens to be one of the first Star Wars Funko Pops ever made.

Millennium Falcon with Han Solo | $65

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If you have room for a large figure (5.5 x 10.5 x 13.25 inches), the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo Pop includes a detailed model of the most iconic spacecraft in franchise history. The Amazon-exclusive set is one of the only Star Wars Pops that would likely appeal to those who don't even like Funko Pops. It fluctuates in price and goes in and out of stock fairly regularly, but it's normally available for around $50.

Jabba the Hutt | $24

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The certifiably awful Jabba the Hutt stands out in the Star Wars universe because of his monstrous appearance. He's corrupt and genuinely cruel, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pick up this Funko Pop, which is both terrible and amazing. Jabba looks like he's trying to pick his nose with his tongue, and drool is running down his face. The beady-eyed design of Pops makes Jabba look somewhat...cute?

Mandalorian on Blurrg | $25

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Blurrgs weren't introduced in Disney Plus' The Mandalorian, but the hulking reptiles stepped into the limelight thanks to Kuiil's love for the strange creatures that look both energized and tired at all once. This Deluxe Pop features both Mando and a Blurrg, making it our favorite Pop featuring the Disney Plus show's lead protagonist.

Incinerator Stormtrooper | $8.78

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Random Stormtroopers with guns don't make for interesting Funko Pops. Incinerator Stormtroopers spewing fire from their awesome flamethrowers? That's a different story. The Mandalorian's new class of Stormtrooper have cool red and white helmets that looks great here. The curling flame makes the Incinerator Stormtrooper look more vibrant than most Funko Pops.

Cara Dune | $8.29

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Former Rebel shock trooper turned mercenary, Cara Dune is one of the most imposing characters in the Star Wars universe. She contributed to many of the most memorable action sequences in Season 1 of The Mandalorian. As a Funko Pop, she appropriately has a weapon in each hand, ready to strike.

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