Star Wars Commander's Dark Side Chosen in All US States, Apart From One

Popular strategy game accrues more than 5 million downloads in less than a month.

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Disney Interactive today announced that its recently released free-to-play mobile game Star Wars Commander for iOS and Android has reached 5 million downloads since its launch on August 21. By comparison, competitor Clash of Clans--the king of the category--is believed to have around 30 million daily players.

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Along with the download milestone announcement, Disney also revealed various statistics about Star Wars Commander. The game lets you choose if you want to play as Rebel or Empire, and Disney says 52.4 percent of all users have chosen to play as the Dark Side.

There is also a neat chart (at left; click for full size) that shows the Rebel/Empire breakdown for different regions. Notably, Russia is one of the strongest Empire regions, with 57.7 percent choosing the Dark Side. On the other end of the spectrum, Chile is loyal to the Rebel cause, with 57.2 percent of users choosing that path.

There is one particularly interesting data point. Disney says the United States is "nearly unanimous" in its dedication to the Dark Side, with the exception of North Dakota. "The force is strong in North Dakota," Disney writes.

For more on Star Wars Commander, check out GameSpot's interview with Disney about the game.

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