Star Wars Clone Wars Season 7 Release Date Revealed, Comes To Disney+ Next Year

We'll see Ahsoka Tano again soon.


During the Disney+ panel at D23, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy took the stage to talk about all the upcoming Star Wars projects currently scheduled to release on the streaming service, such as The Mandalorian. Among the reveals was an announcement for when we can expect to see the seventh season of The Clone Wars animated series: February 2020.

Picking up where Season 6 left off--the final season before The Clone Wars cancellation--Season 7 fills in the gaps between the Star Wars animated series and Revenge of the Sith. After The Clone Wars' cancellation, several of the stories in that gap went on to be adapted into novels, such as Star Wars Ahsoka and Star Wars Dark Disciple. However, many were not, which is why so many fans of The Clone Wars were happy to see the show resurrected from the grave with a surprise renewal announcement during SDCC 2018.

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Season 7 got a new trailer during SDCC this year, revealing the different plotlines that this final season of the show will cover. The main focus of Season 7 seems to be the Siege of Mandalore, one of the last major events in the Clone Wars before its end (according to its brief mention in the Ahsoka novel). Season 7 also covers the reaction to Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order--both from her own, Anakin's, and Obi-Wan's perspectives--which addresses one of the biggest cliffhangers in The Clone Wars.

We'll also see Experimental Unit Clone Force 99--a group of Clone Commandos nicknamed the "Bad Batch" for their mutated DNA that grant them the enhanced abilities that allow them to fight with unorthodox tactics and tech--as well as the return of Separatist Admiral Trench. Given the focus on the Siege of Mandalore and the end of the Clone Wars conflict, it's likely this seventh season will also see Rex following up on Fives' sacrifice and working with Clone Commando Gregor and Clone Commander Wolf to deactivate their brain control chips, the electronics in all clones' brains that compel them to betray and kill their Jedi generals when activated.

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