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Star Wars' Blue Milk Goes On Sale This April, And It Looks Yummy

The "delicious vanilla-flavored" milk goes on sale this April.


Star Wars' iconic blue milk, which first appeared in the 1977 original Star Wars movie, will soon be available for everyone to buy--and you don't have to visit a theme park to get it.

The milk, made by the company TruMoo, goes on sale in stores on April 17 in a half-gallon jug. It's described as a "delicious vanilla-favored milk."

Disney did not say which stores specifically will carry this special-edition milk, or how much it might cost. However, you can use TruMoo's store locator to find a shop near you that sells the company's normal varieties and then hope they also stock the blue milk in April. You can see the pretty cool-looking packaging below, depicting Luke and Vader locked in battle.

Blue Milk goes on sale soon
Blue Milk goes on sale soon

Star Wars' blue milk is also available at Disney World and Disneyland at the Galaxy's Edge Star Wars-themed area. However, that's a different type of milk that's sold in blue and green varieties, and also includes an alcoholic version with rum for adults.

In the Star Wars lore, blue milk is made by female banthas and was used as a drink and for making butter and cooking biscuits, among other things.

In other Star Wars news, The Phantom Menace is returning to theaters for its 25th anniversary, while cinemas will host a 20-hour, nine-movie Skywalker Saga marathon for Star Wars Day.

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