Star Wars Battlefront's Supremacy Matches Don't Have to Be Short

Matches can potentially go on forever.


EA and DICE recently unveiled the latest mode for Star Wars Battlefront, Supremacy. Set on the biggest versions of the game's maps, the mode includes vehicles and hero/villain units, and generally appears to be one of Battlefront's best options for large-scale warfare. It was confusing, then, that these big matches were said to take place over just 10 minutes, but it turns out this isn't necessarily the case.

Supremacy is a control-point mode somewhat similar to Battlefield's Conquest. The reveal indicated the goal was to capture all five points or have more than the other team after 10 minutes. DICE lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvall has since explained that while matches may end in 10 minutes, they can also go on much, much longer.

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"Clarification on the Supremacy blog: each time a control point is claimed, time is added," he wrote on Twitter. "A close Supremacy match can go on forever."

He didn't specify exactly how much time will be added when a point is captured or if it's the same amount every time, but it's reassuring news nonetheless.

Supremacy is one of several Battlefront modes to be announced recently; we've also heard about Blast and Fighter Squadron.

Battlefront is scheduled for release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 17. Those in the market for a PS4 can also pick up a special Darth Vader-themed system (and controller) on that date.

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