Star Wars Battlefront VR Expansion Is Now a Rogue One Tie-In

It's also got a new name to reflect its connection to the film.

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One of the cool games coming to PlayStation VR is an X-Wing VR expansion to Star Wars Battlefront. Not surprisingly, EA has just revealed that this expansion will tie into the upcoming Star Wars spinoff film, Rogue One.

In a post on EA's blog, the expansion's developer, Criterion, announced that it was renaming the project to reflect its connection to Rogue One. Now called Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission, Criterion has worked to make it line up more closely with the film.

Producer James Svensson explained that renaming the game made sense because of its setting. He stated, "Rogue One is in the same time period the base game covers, so to be relevant in the ever-evolving Star Wars universe we've since been able to work with Lucasfilm to make the connection here."

Svensson also hinted at one of the big moments in the mission. He explained that you'll get to take on a Star Destroyer from the cockpit of an X-Wing. "[Star Destroyers] are huge and powerful with a belly full of TIE fighters," he said in an interview on the blog. "Being in a fight with a Star Destroyer is not a situation an X-wing pilot wants to find themselves in, but that’s where the player ends up."

Rogue One hits theaters on December 16, and X-Wing VR Mission is currently planned for a holiday launch. It'll be free to all Battlefront owners, but you'll need a PS VR to play it. PS VR is available on October 13.

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