Star Wars Battlefront Now Expected to Ship 13 Million, Up from 10 Million

Up and up.


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Electronic Arts today updated its shipment forecast for Star Wars Battlefront. CFO Blake Jorgensen announced during a post-earnings call that, in part because of the positive reception to the game's multiplayer beta, EA is now expecting to ship 13 million copies by the end of its current fiscal year.

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This is up from EA's previous forecast of 9-10 million copies. EA's current fiscal year ends March 31, 2016.

Jorgensen also said he expects a 80/20 split for Battlefront shipments between the current fiscal quarter and the upcoming fourth quarter ending March 31. In addition, EA has raised full-year revenue expectations by $50 million as a result of the strong response to Battlefront's multiplayer beta, among other things.

Battlefront's multiplayer beta earlier this month attracted 9.5 million players across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. That made it the largest beta in EA's history, though it's unclear what title was the previous record-holder.

Battlefront launches on November 17 across all platforms, which is about a month before Disney's new movie, The Force Awakens, hits theaters. In other recent news, DICE has announced three new multiplayer modes and revealed that Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Emperor Palptatine will be playable characters in the game.

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@vackillers: Compared to the complete garbage EA/DICE rolled out with BF3, BF4 and BF Hardline, the Star Wars Battlefront BETA out-performed any of the previously mentioned titles BETAs and released games! So I'm not sure where your disconnect is? Maybe you have no experience with these previous releases and their BETAs?

That being said, while the SW BF BETA performed well and looked really nice, the game play for the two maps and game modes were quite dull.

The proof will come once the full game is released and I think EA is highly dependent piggy-backing on the movie release; but die-hard fans of SW and EA/DICE BF series will no doubt be among the first to purchase and play the game upon first release.

Avatar image for kevvybear

I'm just going to wait six months and play it on EA Access for virtually free...

Avatar image for edwardnygma

This is literally half a game (MP only) with such a boring beta. This is pure hype. They aren't going to sell that much.

Avatar image for ClintCommander

Well, great! Now that Destiny (with its new purchasable currency) and this game are going to do so well, I can look forward to more game like them being developed.
Games with bare-bone features and heavy on the micro-transactions/wallet-gouging DLC.

Apparently this is what we want, so this is what we'll get.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

well, everyone likes CoD, especially if its coated in shades of star wars.

Avatar image for larsondir82

Wow. it just shows how many EA/Dice Simpletons there are who are going to buy this game. It also shows how Nintendo and EA Fan boys have something in common. Well at least we know this that EA will continue to make overprice games because Ignorant people will keep buying their crap. Enjoy your Modless SWBF game.

Avatar image for DraconisRex

The game should be titled: Star Wars: Baby's First Multiplayer Shooter

Once the shine wears off from the Star Wars graphics, I think this rather simplistic shooter will be dropped like a hot rock. Kind of like SWTOR which went from about 450 jam-packed servers (globally) to 17 fairly empty servers in just a few years because it was so boring.

Avatar image for SectionX2

@DraconisRex: Splatoon was even more barebone than this game and no one complained, lol.

Avatar image for jshah500

So, the only reason they have increased their sales outlook is because of the beta numbers? LOL completely idiotic logic. EA, yes, you had 10m people play the beta. That does not equate to 10m people buying the actual game. If anything, now a good chunk of people are turned off BECAUSE of the beta.

Ignorant to assume that everyone that played the beta absolutely loved it and are going to buy the game.

Avatar image for jshah500

@anytyme23: how about we call it both and become bffs

Avatar image for donald10

To each it's own, but I won't be buying it.

Avatar image for Nightelf123

Battlefront 2 sold 6 millions. I don't think this game sells that much

Avatar image for kartuzia

I enjoyed every second of the beta and I plan on buying the game for sure

All you whiners on the forums here are gonna end up being the vocal minority like with every game out there before this. I played this with 3 other friends and they all loved it. Maybe because they were all doing really well and didn't suck playing this like so many others

Enjoy being miserable and wasting your time commenting on this. me and A LOT of actual Star Wars fans will enjoy this either way.

Avatar image for larsondir82

@kartuzia: You call yourself a star wars fan? Real star wars fans wont be playing this game. Another question. Have you played the original star war battlefront games? They're hell a lot better than this. Not to mention they have mods. But then again. your a EA Shill. Enjoy your overpriced game.

Avatar image for dancegdance

@larsondir82: lol. I am a true blue SW fan, and I will be playing this day one. I have also played many other great FPS in my time and I am very good at them. Games like CS, SOF2, CoDMW, the badass fps's every hardcore gamer got into back in the day. I am not saying this is going to be the best thing ever, but I am damn sure going to be playing it, and if you try to call me out on anything SW or fps related, I will put my money where my mouth is. You know nothing about what the full release of this game brings, other than just spreading your jaded opinion of the beta, which you are unfortunately entitled to.

Avatar image for larsondir82

@dancegdance: Well your right that I don't know what the full release is going be like and how its going to play when its releases. It just flabbergast me why EA/Dice is Charging full price and and Extra 50 or so dallars for DLC for a multiplayer game only. I mean CD Projekt Red has more content way less than what EA and other gaming companies charge. I guess it comes down to taste. At the end of the day. I respect your opinion.

Avatar image for bladev1

This game def wont sell 13 million units. I remember Battlefront 2 I had such good memories playing countless hours on my PS2...good times.

Avatar image for chippiez

Not a chance in hell this will push 13 million-- or 10 for that matter. MGSV has only done 5 since launch. NO WAY in hell. EA is smoking some ganja.

Avatar image for raven6666

I tested the beta...was funny...after 2 hours I was tired of the game...

And regarding to the course I prefer to spend it on another game,,, Fallout 4 for example...

Avatar image for dancegdance

@raven6666: Sounds like you should just get Fallout then, I will be getting both. You know it was a very limited amount of content you got to play in that beta right? It was expected that you would get bored with it really fast, that is why it only lasted four days and was meant to test things out rather than to provide you with entertainment.

Avatar image for sainttodd

I don't remember seeing this kind of negativity around Splatoon, and that game is online-only. It doesn't even have bot matches. Honestly, I was underwhelmed by the beta, but I only got to play on the ugly lava planet map. The game could be pretty good.

Avatar image for chippiez

I love star wars. I grew up on it. But being a MP only game, meh-- you can keep it. I don't want to play Battlefield with AT-ATs. I want a Big, over-the-top campaign with AT-ATs--- that does not rehash the same shit over and over. I love the battle of Hoth, but c;mon, guys-- there's so much more that can be done with this universe.

Avatar image for Dack_Lancer

this will drop down to 40-30$ in a few weeks

Avatar image for xolivierx

@Dack_Lancer : and then nobody will be playing it. and in 1 year the servers will be empty. and then the servers will shut down , making this game a Limited Edition Dust Collector

Avatar image for jagdedge124

I can never see myself spending that type of money for a MP game. I think they're crazy, but if they think they can get away with it, and it succeeds, that's the future of gaming, and i don't like it one bit (although, EA does have a habit of screwing up a simple cup a coffee, so even for people who want the game, i'd certainly give it a couple of weeks before a buy, and make sure the game even works).

I guess i can't understand why these new generational systems were promised to give us so much more, and what we seem to be getting is half of what we had lol.

Not to mention, this game on One (my system), wasn't even at Current Generational Graphics, but of admittedly Last Gen Graphics. I guess it's a shame the only thing i'm looking forward too now, is "back compatibility", to play the older games, where i should be excited about the NEWER games lol.

I mean what did i spend all this money for?

At this point, the best thing that can EVER happen for me, is One gives me access to PC Exclusive Games on Steam or something, like Red Orchestra 2 and the like, that i can play on my One with my controller. That would then end my gaming dilemna, instead of being dependent on all this malarkey these big gaming companies are feeding us.

Avatar image for xolivierx


should I get Star Wars, Fallout or COD?

Fallout it is.

As for Battlefront, I'll get Rainbow Six, thank you.

And for the record, I would rather get COD than get an always online dumbed down Star Wars shooter

Avatar image for stoney29z

80 bucks for it in Canada, And it is MP only lol. Keep dreaming EA.

Avatar image for theshorterbus

@stoney29z: I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan, but I have to admit I'm fairly torn. I want to resist so badly, we shall see, I will try.

Avatar image for lordossiss

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Boys and Girls!

I shall now pass on the teaching of Alpha Omega Sin.

Vote with your wallet!!

By refusing to spend full price money on half a game, you can make the game companies realize that we won't be putting up with their bullshit any longer!

I implore you to wait for the inevitable price drop!

Avatar image for SectionX2

@lordossiss: But you are ok with the CoD and Assinscreed bullshit ever year? Why is everyone on a crusade against this game again. It's unfair to DICE.

Avatar image for lordossiss

@SectionX2: I crusaded against COD for quite some time. To this day, I haven't purchased one since MW3. And before that, I was only buying it once every other year.

In fact, the only actual COD games I have ever purchased are MW2 and MW3.

Same goes for Assassin's Creed. The only reason I bought Unity was because it cost me 4 dollars.

And, to be fair, DICE is known to be terrible at making games. Just look at the fiasco that was Battlefield 4 and hardline.

A shiny terrible game is still terrible.

Gameplay will always be more important than graphics.

If you pulled your head out of the sand, you'd see that this game is merely a cash in.
Utilizing a franchise name.
Utilizing a game franchise name.

No single player against AI combatants. (and their shitty horde mode doesn't count.)
No couch co-op.

Only online. Say, weren't people bitching about this when the Xbox One wanted to be always online??? Well I have terrible news for you!!! Now GAME COMPANIES are forcing it on you! Congrats!

I cannot recall how many hours I sunk into Battlefront 2. I'd go over to a friends house and we'd sit there. For hours upon hours playing couch co-op.
Galactic conquest was one of my favorite modes. That mode is now non-existent.
DICE has said that they are going back to the "core" of the series.
And then they completely changed what that was meant to mean.

6 unique game modes. There's 9, but three of those are the same as some others.
12 maps. Battlefront 1 had 16.
Battlefront 2 had 18. So that's a full 6 maps less than what we got from the last game.

And don't get me started on the little power up tokens. Those are some of the worst features in a game I have experienced in a long time. I rank it right up there with the days that shite camera controls were a thing.

So, yes. This does not warrant a 60 dollar price tag. It's half a game.

Avatar image for SectionX2

@lordossiss: How on earth is BF4 a fiasco? It's one of the most played multiplayer games on console since launch. BF hardline on the other hand flopped hard.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@lordossiss: Already Pre-Ordered (Pre Purchased) .. I want it so I shall get it !!

Avatar image for lordossiss

@ltjohnnyrico: I have a bridge to sell you.
All it takes is 60 dollars!

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@lordossiss: I dont want it .. so I wont buy it !! See how this works, Yes I am a Gamer, I am in my Mid (Ok Late) Thirties, I have a job and a disposable income, I can spend my money on whatever I like ... I have earned it ;)

Avatar image for lordossiss

@ltjohnnyrico: You must not have children.

Avatar image for Fia1

@lordossiss: thing is, when the game drops price there won't be people to play anymore...

Avatar image for xolivierx

@Fia1 : once COD and R6 are released, who's going to play Star Wars? only fans.

Avatar image for lordossiss

@xolivierx: As a fan, I'm already against this game.
COD sucks.
Rainbow 6 looks terrible.

Avatar image for Fia1

maybe it will happen, its so sad to see star wars affiliated with something like ea, not like they are selling a deluxe edition that is around 10 dollars more expensive than the normal edition and you get pretty much nothing out of it, you just give ea another free 10 dollars for nothing... the 50 dollar season pass... and of course the people that are going nuts because its "star wars" and dont care how much they are getting ripped-off by this game that got plastered in less than 8 months, all in all ea won this battle, not the people that play games...

Avatar image for Baconstrip78

@Fia1: What is a ripoff in 2015? A $12 dollar movie that nets 2 hours worth of entertainment? Or a videogame with DLC that costs a grand total $120 that you provided you 500 hours of enjoyment? That's 1 quarter per hour. Arcades back in the 80s were more expensive than that.

People need to stop whining. If you're a kid, I feel bad because like you I too had unlimited wants at your age but limited resources. But if you even make Starbucks barista type money, you can afford this hobby effortlessly.

Avatar image for Fia1

@Baconstrip78: i see the only thing you're good at is speculating... well thats a grown man for you... if you actually find 500 hours of enjoyment playing this game then you should be happy because you are either easily entertained or theres nothing else thats worth your time... you could say the point is not exactly if you have the money or not to afford any game you want like you can, the point is to keep giving incentive to ea to continue the show running... arcades were a rip-off too plus it was different times i dont believe thats a correct comparison... but whatever...

Avatar image for Baconstrip78

@Fia1: Oh, 'm not saying YOU should buy it since clearly you have an axe to grind with EA so this probably isn't your thing. You said the season pass was a ripoff, but I'm simply saying an extra $50 bucks in DLC purchased after the game releases that only a person who was enjoying the game would buy is not in any way, shape, or form a ripoff. When you compare it to every single other modern hobby that costs money, video gaming is dirt cheap when you look at it on a per-hour basis.

And arcades were different times, that was my point. It was 1980s and we have now had ~30 years worth of US dollar inflation, and even with that a quarter an hour at the arcade back in the 80s would have been considered a cheap way to spend your time. 25 cents per hour now in 2015 isn't even worth talking about.

Avatar image for loqma73bd53bsia

and 10 million of them will be shelf warmers

Avatar image for GoingPostal13

Should be cheap to pick up on the used market then.