Star Wars: Battlefront -- No More Skirmish Content As Dev Shifts To Sequel

DICE is not going to expand the Skirmish offerings.


Developer DICE is moving on from Star Wars: Battlefront to focus on the sequel, the studio said in a blog post this week. This is to be expected, given that game is coming out later this year--and it sounds pretty ambitious. It will feature content from multiple Star Wars eras and include a single-player campaign, among other new additions.

Also in the blog post, DICE confirmed there is "no future Skirmish content" planned for Battlefront. Released in July 2016, Skirmish lets you play the Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes offline, by yourself or with a friend via local split-screen. The rest of the sides are filled out with bots.

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What this means is there won't be Skirmish content available for Battlefront's other modes and the maps they are associated with. That's kind of a bummer, though people who want to play offline and in split-screen can still do so through the co-op missions, which can be a lot of fun.

Regarding Battlefront 2, or whatever EA decides to call the sequel, DICE said, "We look forward to sharing more with you later this year and thank you for being such a tremendous support of our work in a galaxy far, far away."

The Battlefront sequel is due out this holiday, presumably for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. During an earnings call last night, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the game is even "bigger" than the 2015 original, featuring more locations and hero characters. It is being made by DICE, Motive Studios, and Criterion. We'll report back with more details on Battlefront 2 as they become available.

The original Battlefront was a big hit, though some people lamented that it did not offer a very deep experience. It shipped 14 million copies.

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