Star Wars Battlefront III footage leaks online

One of the apparent casualties of Free Radical's abrupt implosion late last year was the studio's development deal with LucasArts, announced in August 2006. Though the game covered by that deal was never officially confirmed, it was widely speculated to be Star Wars Battlefront III. That...


One of the apparent casualties of Free Radical's abrupt implosion late last year was the studio's development deal with LucasArts, announced in August 2006. Though the game covered by that deal was never officially confirmed, it was widely speculated to be Star Wars Battlefront III.

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That speculation was ostensibly confirmed shortly after the UK-based studio was placed into the hands of a bankruptcy-resolution firm, when a Free Radical developer posted Battlefront III concept art online as part of his resume portfolio. However, development of that game was apparently well beyond the conceptual-art phase.

Today, purported alpha footage of Star Wars Battlefront III was posted to video-sharing site YouTube. GameSpot was subsequently able to confirm with a Free Radical employee that the footage is of an internal video shown in November for the in-development game. The footage, which runs just less than six minutes, depicts several scenes from the unannounced game including lightsaber duels, firefights, aerial combat, and story-related cutscenes.

With Free Radical's closure, the status of Star Wars Battlefront III is unclear. Unconfirmed reports have it being taken over by Rebellion Software, maker of Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron for the PSP. Prior Battlefront console games were developed by Pandemic Studios.

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Dont know how much i want this game. I just played BF2 last night. God this game would be amazing.

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Where the hell is it???

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ive been waiting for 4 f**king years...

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I'm still waiting...

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Please be real, another game's due LucasArts!

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@Bumblebee0228 If this game is actually made (I really hope it will be) then I doubt it will come out for the PS2 as very few games are released on the PS2 these days.

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I know this won't be for PS2, but it really should be if this is real. I actually don't want a PS3 or Xbox, so if this is only for those systems, I'm gonna be really upset. They need to make this for PS2 to continue the tradition.

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Battlefront 2 was seriously my favorite PS2 game, and I played it nonstop for 3 years (I know, addicted) until i got my Xbox 360. Battlefront 3 needs to happen.

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I'm still waiting........

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I would do anything for Battlefront 3.... Battlefront 1 & 2 are literally the most fun games ever made...

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It's too bad that Battlefront 3 isn't a for-sure-thing. I mean. The first Battlefront was just epic and the second one was like the cherry and cream on the cake. I think the series has so much potential.

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@urfaceisanapkin Damn straight. Since the first two games are original XBOX releases, we can't play them online! It has been 6 years since the last console version. SOMEONE START A PETITION!

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Someone needs to pick this damn game up and finish it! Maybe DICE, Treyarch, or even fricken' activision, or THQ!

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Hopefully this does come out I was a huge star wars battlefront fan even if it takes time for them to finish the game.

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This is never going to happen. I agree with vitla911.

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its either not coming out or it has been postponed because it was meant to come out ages ago :-(

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It would be great if you could create your own trooper, or customize your fleet or stuff like that, when will they make the game !!!!!

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lunch xD

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i cant wait !!!!!!!!!! c mon, luch tht boy now

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@peanut1229 do you know what concoles its going to be for

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@ultraollie bing, google, youtube, and i have a couple of friends in Rebellion Software

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@peanut1229, where have you found news thats suggests the game is in development?

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OH PLEASE OH PLEASE COME OUT SOON btw, i did some research and this game is in development, i cant wait, so siced about that

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I have been waiting for 2 and a half years for a SWBFIII. I don't mind that they hopefully will take their time with the game, as long as they keep what work(which was a lot), and fix what didn't, and add the next-gen graphics, capabilities, I will more than happy to spend the darn $60. Of course, the game was just awesome, they really have to out do the past title and make this amazing in all the aspects. (firefights: hopefully they will raise the 24 cap in order to make more Star Wars epic, Jedi fights, space fights)

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I have BattleFront I and II, i cant wait till the third one comes out. i've been waiting for more than half a year. i hope its for PS2 too

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Ohhh i hope they put it on the ps2 if they can! i can't afford a ps3 so it's gonna suck if they don't release it for the ps2 as well, side its not like there is a control difference, or any real difference other then the r and l 2 buttons past that i don't know that there is a difference! i have a freind that has a ps3 and there is little if any difference to what i got on the ps2! so i hope they still have the battle front 3 for the ps2!

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Battlefront was amazing, would really be looking forward to Battlefront 3.

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i wish it existed

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i think its coming out somtime in june. hopfully it doesent shuck more then a vacume cleaner!

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I wonder what kind of story line they could have for the third one that would be new and relatively original...

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they working on a battlefront online only game now

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it looks good.... but thats my opinion

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huh? Did you see what they did with Lotr: Conquest? Albeit wasn't a bad game, but compared to BF2 it regressed significantly...that's sort of the reason Pandemic was folded by EA (that and Mercs 2). I think Rebellion will do a fine job.

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If its not Pandemic, Chances are, its going to suck.

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When it comes out?

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If its still basically the same game with better graphics (of course it wont be im just saying) its still more then good enough for me!

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There's an article on that says that Lucas Arts will announce a new Star Wars game at the Spike Video Game awards.

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Sweet! I can't wait for it! Oh yeah!

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i have been doing a lot of research on this. First, it will come out. Second, you will be allowed to fly from the ground to space. Finally, took them long enough

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Hey guys i don't care if you don't believe me but ive got contacts with lucas arts about Star Wars Battlefront3. He know alot but can only say that the game is comfirmed and will be coming out sometim in early-mid 2010. He'd like to share more but if he does the boys up stairs might cut him out of a job. But ah yeah it is a 89% chance it is going to come out. And btw Lucas arts people are stupid because they've ad the game made for over 3 years!!!!!!

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ooooooooo! I've seen some of the btft3 footage. Looks Good! Not sure if it is coming out.

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Is it or is it not coming out?

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Not launching this game on the PS2 would be bad for them, and for PS2 haters out there: 9 years and still on the market with some of the best games ever; your console can't do that.

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this will be PERFECT if its as good as the others!

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Star Wars Battlefront is a pretty cool series, but it is taking Lucasarts pretty damn long to make this game. I was expecting this last year.

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What is this coming out on anyway