Star Wars: Battlefront Has Customization, But With Limits

"We won't be letting players create purple Stormtroopers or change Darth Vader's suit color etc."


Battlefield developer DICE's upcoming shooter Star Wars: Battlefront will let players customize their characters, but there are, as you might expect, limits to what will be allowed.

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The official Battlefront Twitter account offered some insight into Battlefront customization after a fan raised a question about it. "Yes, we will offer customization," EA said. "That said, we won't be letting players create purple Stormtroopers or change Darth Vader's suit color etc."

Outside of a flashy CG trailer, EA has yet to show any Battlefront gameplay, at least publicly. GameSpot editor Chris Watters saw gameplay during a behind-closed-doors presentation in April; read his impressions here.

EA will reveal Battlefront gameplay for the first time at E3 this month, presumably during the company's briefing on June 15.

Battlefront launches November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Those who preorder will receive access to the free Battle of Jakku expansion on December 1, while everyone else will get to play it on December 7. This content is themed around upcoming movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

GameSpot will be on the ground in full force at E3, bringing you all the news as it's announced.

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I don't care about purple stormtroopers, all i want is to customize my lightsaber I want my orange colored blade

Avatar image for colbster

I want to have a camo suit for the endor battles!

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Games lose their integrity and feel when they allow gamers too much customization. I myself don't want to see a purple storm trooper either. If you want to play dress up, get a Barbie and be the little girl your mommy really wanted.

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There is just about no news here.

Avatar image for kasaii_

i don't care for the customization as long as they have some couch co-op! like in Battlefront 2

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im not bothered about daft colors, id rather sides be original, if it gets to stupid then itll ruin the experience. Ill be watching this game close because one hint ea turn it into a full blow money monopolisation then can count me out.. i tried to play battlefield hardline, for a game where your sposed to breach if offensive side, the offensive side sure finds it extremely difficult to breach a place so what do they do you end up where two team are just trading fire sitting comfy n no one trying to take over the other zones. Its ridiculous and very unbalanced that two sides just trade shots till end of game n pick off what they can, if theres any of this type of stupid gameplay on star wars say by to my money ea.. all id like is to feel the kind of craze i felt n love for the games i played on ps2, i hope they keep enemy ai in to i though bumping loads of ai into star wars gave it a very excellent feel with lots going on..

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Probably Disney is controlling what should be allowed, what should not...

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People are complaining that EA will sell the customization ability but that really doesn't make sense. It's more than likely due to licensing . LucasFilms / Disney probably don't want a pink Darth Vader running around in a dress. It's no different then Driveclub licensing cars but certain ones aren't allowed to change paint color. If the game is anything like BF4 it will be amazing !

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No sale unless I can play Darth Vader as a 108 year blind woman named Abigail.

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I don’t hate ea. They have made some good games over the years, everyone hates them because they are greedy, they are just as greedy as any other company. They don’t care about you, they care about is maximizing profits, just like sony and microsoft and any other large developers. Fanboys are stupid showing loyalty to a product of a multinational company is pointless and irrational. I am a little upset dice is developing it, as I was a big fan of BF1 and BF2, but since then meh. Way, way, way too many vehicles for me totally suffocated the pleasure of my gaming experience. I hope they don’t blow it, by just giving BF a new skin. As the star wars universe has so much potential. I will stay pessimistic, but keep my judgement until I see the finished product. As should everyone else.

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If they didn't severely limit you, then they couldn't try to sell you DLC costumes later.


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It's funny on how gamers always have to say something that is bad...But they haven't even seen live gameplay or actually even played it.....Same goes with Fallout 4 some people are crying over the graphics.

Avatar image for xenocraigmorph

@kereke12: People expect games to look perfect, then they will complain that the Current Gen hardware can't handle it, then PC gamers will jump on that........... it makes me tired. People need to realize that a game is made by its story and gameplay, not the Graphics and FramesPS. I played GTA V at 60fps and I hated it; it didn't feel right for the game. Anyway, I think a lot of gamers are brats anyway. "I'll trade this in if it looks sh!t", Yawn.

Avatar image for ElFlechero

Holy crap, these forums ore full of whining idiots. I think it's ok for the developers want their game to actually look like a Star Wars game by keeping customization options within the framework of the established fiction. Let's let them make a game with a touch of class.

"I can't play as a teal goat? WTF EA RUINS MY LIFE! They just want more money."

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@ElFlechero: you're in denial if you don't think they will sell the more extravagant color options as DLC.

Avatar image for twl321

@ElFlechero: Yes! thank you! I feel the same way :D.

Avatar image for Zombrex

I'm hoping the game is good, but my worries don't lie with EA as much as they do the details that DICE has released about it. Two man squads? Vehicles will be battle pick-ups/scattered around the maps? No space battles? The old adage holds true, "If it's not broke don't fix it." and Battlefront II wasn't broke by any means.

Avatar image for mechag2

@Zombrex: I do have have some concerns with DICE's new Battlefront, but Pandemic's original two were horribly broken.

Avatar image for muzza93

Nothing but people complaining in the comments. You haven't even seen gameplay yet shut the F up.

Avatar image for bootattedtay

DICE ruined BF4 wondering how bad they'll ruin Battlefront ._.

Avatar image for CommandoAgent

EA already destroying it.

EA Games We **** up everything.

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Let me Translate this article." We have a vision, a vision of creating a game that true star wars fans can enjoy. Thus we are trying to stick true to the source material. We will not compromise for any less the $9.99 for we have integrity. We have our values which we will comprise at any point when we are looking for more cash. yours sincerely EA.

PS: remember to pre order for exclusive content that is part of our vision for only the people who pre order"

I'm sensing a theme of disappointment and stupid practices with this game. I wonder why?

Avatar image for bootattedtay

@wrstew: Gotta love greedy corporate bastards aye

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Found something fun.

Removed it.

Avatar image for thespicychiken

@PinchySkree: lol

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That's because purple stormtroopers cost 9.99$ EA ITS IN THE GAME BRUH

Seriously, tho, I hope the game is good. For me there is too much other stuff coming out this fall, and unless Battlefront is a top notch game, it will be passing by the wayside. Just don't trust EA to not monetize the crap out of it.

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So we will have to rely on fanfilms to see other colours of Darth Vader's suit, like "Darth Vader in love". I wonder how moddable this game will be, because with mod support you're totally gonna see everything that the dev said that they wouldn't allow (and more...).

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Why are they constantly telling us about what LIMITS this game has? They keep telling us what you CAN'T do lol..

Avatar image for Hurvl

@TheAlmightyCow: I hate games where the devs go out of their way to tell you what you can't do, putting up messages like "leaving the mission area" meant to discourage you from doing your own thing. That takes all the fun away.

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EA SUCKS. Its in the name.

Avatar image for HippyTrippy

Why not? Who cares.

Why not let players create their own custom clan colours?

Video games should offer to expand what's possible in the Star Wars universe, who cares if they're purple, pink or brown, go mad. Because video games.

Avatar image for Gomtor

Ill rather play CoD.

Avatar image for gawthy

@Gomtor: I rather watch paint dry than play COD

Avatar image for Hurvl

@gawthy: I'd rather watch a cod in an aquarium or a dead cod than play cod.

Avatar image for ______

@Hurvl: I'd rather have cod with chips.

Avatar image for Stonedwolfed

@______: I'd rather filet God, deep from him, and have him with chips (of wood from the cross they nailed his boy to).

Also, God, I hate to break this to you bro but whilst it's pretty normal these days to be a guy in his early 30s and not married if you weren't married by 30 in an ancient religious community it pretty much meant you were gay.

Avatar image for BigFeef

"Yes, we will offer customization," EA said. "That said, we won't be letting players create purple Stormtroopers or change Darth Vader's suit color etc."

Why was the rest of the quote "unless you buy the customization DLC." not added? Or is that just inferred because, you know, EA...

Avatar image for Kisalon

@BigFeef: Cause EA dosnt sell costumization packs(not completly true but to some extent), thats just CoD :P

Avatar image for AzureBonds76

@BigFeef: EA is hoping no one speaks their corporate lingo so they don't understand what they were really saying

"Purple Stormtroopers are 5 bucks"

Avatar image for cjtopspin

Any other company and I would be excited as all hell.

An EA game? This will be a Battlefield rehash with a Star Wars skin. Zero innovation.

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The mod will take it from there and the limitation is completely up to the player and modder