Star Wars: Battlefront goes gold

LucasArts action shooter to ship day and date with long-awaited DVD release of movie trilogy.


LucasArts today announced that its highly anticipated action shooter Star Wars Battlefront has gone gold. What's more, all three versions of the game--PS2, Xbox, and PC--will ship day and date with the Star Wars Trilogy DVD box set. The Death Star becomes fully operational on September 21, 2004.

Developed by Pandemic Studios, Star Wars: Battlefront is an open-ended action game that features both single- and multiplayer modes. LucasArts promises "intense free-form multiplayer combat" as well as a variety of single-player modes that include historical campaigns and galactic conquest.

Players will be able to take control in reenactments of all the epic battles from both the classic films and the contemporary prequels.

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