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Star Wars Battlefront for PC Has No Split-Screen

DICE answers burning questions about the upcoming sci-fi shooter.


A new blog post from Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE tackles some of the "top questions" fans have been asking about the highly anticipated upcoming sci-fi shooter.

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Among other things, community manager Mathew Everett confirms that split-screen play will be offered only on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, not PC.

Battlefront supports two-player split-screen only for its Missions mode. These missions, which are separate from the game's traditional multiplayer mode, can be played offline, through couch co-op, or online with a friend.

Everett also discusses vehicle spawns for Battlefront's epic-scale, 20 vs. 20 Walker Assault mode and more.

You can see the full Q&A below.

Battlefront launches on November 17, just a few weeks before J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awkens hits theaters. Everyone who buys Battlefront will receive a free expansion called The Battle of Jakku, which is based on the upcoming movie.

Star Wars Battlefront Q&A

Q. How do vehicles spawn in Walker Assault?

A: In Walker Assault, vehicles are tied to the power up system. When you find a vehicle power up on the map, you will need to activate it, which immediately spawns you inside the vehicle.

Vehicle power ups specifically must be used within a certain amount of time. This is a design decision to allow more equal distribution of the vehicle power ups amongst all players.

Q. Can I fly the Y-wing?

A: Y-wings are non-player controlled vehicles. They are a support vehicle that you can call into battle within certain game modes.

Q. Is Split-screen available on PC?

A: Split-screen will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.

Q. Does experience within Missions apply to Multiplayer progression?

A: Playing Missions does not grant you multiplayer career experience, but it does provide you with credit rewards you can spend on buying unlocks.

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