Star Wars Battlefront Breaks EA Download Records, Free DLC Coming

Sci-fi shooter becomes EA's "largest digital launch" of all time.


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DICE's Star Wars Battlefront is breaking records. Publisher Electronic Arts announced today that the sci-fi shooter has become the "largest digital launch" in the company's history. It's also the "biggest launch" of any new Star Wars game ever released, the company said, though no specific data points were shared.

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In a blog post, EA Studios executive Patrick Soderlund also reveals that players can look forward to "lots of new content" coming to Battlefront in the coming months. One of the biggest critiques of the game so far is that some feel the game doesn't have enough content.

The first of Battlefront's post-launch DLC is a free Force Awakens-inspired expansion called The Battle of Jakku, which starts to roll out on December 1 for people who preordered. Everyone else gets it on December 8, also as a free download.

Soderlund also teased that, in addition to all the new maps and items coming to the game through Battlefront's $50 DLC pass, players can also expect a number of free updates.

"We will be adding more of what you love about the game, like new maps and Star Cards, for free in the coming months, in addition to all of the content we have coming with Season Pass," he said. "We'll have more to share soon."

This statement from EA comes after big-time retailer GameStop said Battlefront underperformed. "We're not going to quantify it in terms of actual numbers, but we had high expectations that diminished somewhat as it got closer and it failed to hit those lowered expectations," management said on Monday.

However, GameStop believes sales will improve as buzz builds around The Force Awakens and the game should eventually hit the retailer's sales projections. For its part, EA is predicting the game will ship 13 million copies during its initial launch.

For more on Battlefront, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying.

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Avatar image for superklyph

"Biggest launch" could mean anything. No numbers or specifics. I smell a game that underperformed that they're spinning a different way.

Avatar image for kylexile

@superklyph: The gaming community has grown so its fairly comical that these companies keep spitting out "biggest launch" when it comes to various series. My response is usually "no s***". We barely even had any Star Wars games on consoles on last gen.

Avatar image for drysprocket

@superklyph: Yup, no doubt- they would have said the numbers if it was something to brag about. So there is hope....maybe people are finally done getting scammed by them.

Avatar image for Donut0389

@drysprocket: Or it's because Fallout 4 came out only a week prior and Black Ops 3 the week before that. It was three weeks in a row with BIG titles coming out. And Battlefront was the third.

Avatar image for RainIsMyDrug

Lol everyone I know who bought the game just end up playing a few hours on day one, but it was back to fallout or bops 3 the next day and they never went back cause according to them BF was lame and boring as F.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@RainIsMyDrug: I'm Still playing after Day one !! Also Playing Fallout 4 !! Didn't get Bops 3 .. but I'm having fun with Battlefront its a good MP Shooter which is want I want it to be !!

Avatar image for RainIsMyDrug


Good for you! Cause I obviously know you right.....

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@RainIsMyDrug: I know I'm right .. not that I needed you to confirm it.. but thank you for agreeing with me ;)

Avatar image for mogan

The melodrama in this comments section is thick!

Avatar image for deactivated-57bac25e99ee3

So everyone played right into their money-grubbing hands, what a surprise. Next time they'll charge $200 for the ultimate edition and $60 for the season pass. Nothing but an endless cycle of rip-off Star Wars games lies up ahead.

Avatar image for cornbredx

That was an easy prediction.

Avatar image for Kezzy123

So....that is a terrible news for gamers and the human race in general I suppose.

Too bad quantity isnt = quality.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@Kezzy123: No terrible news for the human race would be something like War or Famine, A game being Good but disappointing a number of people who wanted something else isn't !! This Game is a Good MP shooter, loads of us are enjoying it !!

Never pick Quantity over Quality .. Yes this Game doesn't have one or 2 modes people wanted but what the Game has got it does very well !! Are people's complaints Quality related .. lots of Bugs ? Freezes ? .. No !!

Avatar image for superklyph

@Kezzy123: Cry.

Avatar image for gameroutlawzz

@Kezzy123: Except I just played BF for the entire day and this game is anything but bad. It runs flawlessly at Ultra on PC, is simply the most spot-on,gorgeous,immersive and polished star wars game we ever got.

Avatar image for Nightelf123

@gameroutlawzz: Rogue Squadron 2&1 and more importantly X-wing and Tie Fighter had done that before.

those games are much better than This Awful Game.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@Nightelf123: This isn't a space combat Game like Xwing/Tie Fighter was .. cant compare the 2 !!

Avatar image for retromanhd

You see, petition all you like about how greedy EA are and complaining in a thread, on the internet, makes no difference.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@retromanhd: That's a good thing !! When businesses have meetings etc who would want some whiny kids from a forum attending ? .. It would be counter productive anyway as they all "Want Want Want" Different things !!

Avatar image for whatsazerg

SUck it haters. For those who didn't bother to read (probably all the haters here). Aside from "The Battle of Jakku" and the Season Pass... there will a number of other FREE updates including free maps, etc.

Avatar image for xcrimsonxsynx

Weird. Don't know anyone who bought this. Everyone on friends list is playing Fallout or BLOPS.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@xcrimsonxsynx: I have tons of Friends Playing this and Fallout 4 !!

Avatar image for mogan

@xcrimsonxsynx: Evidently, there are a lot of people you don't know.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

@xcrimsonxsynx: Yeah same here.

Avatar image for ccgod

A remake of knights of the old republic would sell more

Avatar image for superklyph

@ccgod: nah

Avatar image for i-rock-socks

I'd rather play literally any of the other battlefronts

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@i-rock-socks: Well if you like outdated Games with dodgy flight mechanics go for it !!

For a Game that aged a little better with decent mechanics I would recommend playing Tie-Fighter, that would be a much better choice !!

Avatar image for NoahRoalson

@ltjohnnyrico: At least they allow you to fly in space with those dodgy mechanics...

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@NoahRoalson: No they did't allow you to fly in space, they allowed you to fly on a screen with a space background !! .. Id rather have a planet atmosphere background and decent flight mechanics over a space background with dodgy mechanics !!

Avatar image for Daveof89

Most downloaded... yeah, because people downloaded it through ea access to try the PoS out... but that doesn't mean sales.

Avatar image for superklyph

@Daveof89: interesting. I didn't make that connection. That's a little deceptive. Still though, how big is the EA Access subscriber base?

Avatar image for Daveof89

@superklyph: I'm pretty certain a lot of people signed up for a month just to try out battlefront. Better to pay $5 to "rent" the game than pay $60 and find out it sucks (which, it does).

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

Isn't it the other way around? I thought it was Star Wars promoting this piece of Sh** band.

Avatar image for superklyph

@Dredcrumb9: I think you're in the wrong article.

Avatar image for ditronus

The games card system and progression system needs a reboot, not simply more cards.

Call of duty, despite having been run into the ground with yearly titles, does have a polished perk and reward system. EA should've done something similar and should have had way more aesthetic customization options.

If there are female storm troopers, they clearly don't care about lore to an extent; therefore, let me customize my armor in nontraditional ways.

Avatar image for FkzAz

its a "ok" game (played the beta)...not a full price material for 6 maps....

ill get it next year with a full edition half price promotion on psn.

Avatar image for lefthandbandito

@FkzAz: 12 maps

Avatar image for gottago42

Gamestop claims Star Wars Battlefront underperformed in sales

EA says Star Wars Battlefront was the most downloaded EA game ever

Avatar image for xenomorphalien

@gottago42: You don't buy digital copies at Gamestop. Physical is low.

Avatar image for Smaug317

More content is always welcome! And we get it, gamestops numbers are down again... People are buying digitally and from other retailers, this is not news.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Battlefront could be great if not for releasing on time for the movie.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

Very good.

As the first to criticize this game for what it does wrong, I think expanding the lack of content this game suffers with free DLC is very good news.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@R4gn4r0k: "No!! It's irredeemably mediocre consolized bro trash and you should feel bad for playing and liking it!! No amount of fixes or free add-ons will change that"

*tips fedora and eats a Hot Pocket*

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@Spartan_418: Well, sarcasm aside, its quite dumped down.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

@PETERAKO: ayy lmao "dumped"

It has simplified mechanics because it's meant to appeal to Star Wars fans who may not have played other shooters before. Doesn't make it bad, and in my opinion helps it feel more arcade-y and less like a military shooter. For better or worse, it's not just a reskinned Battlefield clone, as so many will dismissively claim.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@Spartan_418: But what would happen if you remove the star wars theme from this game? What kind of game would it be? I don't think it would be so praised. Its fan service. An expensive one too.

Avatar image for alpha_unit97

@Spartan_418: I agree that it's not a Battlefield clone (in some ways I actually wish it was), but it's still a very shallow experience and hardly worth the full price tag.

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