Star Wars Battlefront Beta Is 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One

"It's fair to say PS4's beta is in the healthier shape."


A new technical analysis of the ongoing Star Wars Battlefront beta reveals that the PlayStation 4 edition runs at 900p while the Xbox One edition is 720p. Digital Foundry today posted its breakdown of the Xbox One version specifically, which outlines the game's performance on Microsoft's console.

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"From an image quality perspective, the compromises are just as you'd expect; we see more aliased edges, and a higher level of shimmering on fine distant detail--particularly on Tatooine's flag-lines," the site said about the Xbox One version. "Added to that, there's a softening to the picture as a whole--a result of a more drastic upscale, combined with a similar grade of post-process anti-aliasing to PS4."

Digital Foundry goes on to say that texture and shadow quality are identical between both consoles, while the same is true for their use of tessellated geometry across the maps. "The Battlefront beta's three included maps give us some of the best-realized Star Wars locales in video game form, and both consoles get the goods in this sense."

Both the Xbox One and PS4 editions of Battlefront's beta experience similar levels of "pop-in," too, as it relates to the draw distances.

"Of course, Xbox One's resolution is a factor in this respect, particularly with map visibility across range," Digital Foundry said. "As with DICE's earlier titles on the console, 720p has an impact when picking out enemies across broad expanses of terrain--the Hoth map being the biggest example in this case. The rebel base interior area holds up well enough during shootouts, and it's fair to say DICE's anti-aliasing does a surprisingly thorough job of cleaning up a base 720p image.

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"Unfortunately, this core pixel count isn't high enough to resolve details clearly across the map as a whole, and the anti-aliasing's attempts to clean the image has the side effect adding a noticeable blur to the distance. In effect, this especially dulls the spectacle of this mission's final third, bringing us to a long spread of trenches--and from an AT-AT's top-down perspective, Xbox One's resolution starts to obscure the great art design DICE puts into this scene."

In terms of frames per second, both console versions target 60fps. However, Digital Foundry claims the Xbox One version more regularly drops below 50fps during intensive scenes.

"It's fair to say PS4's beta is in the healthier shape," the site said. "With a clearer image and the better average frame rate of the two consoles, the strong suggestion right now is that the PS4 version is the one to gun for on launch."

PC performance, meanwhile, will vary depending on your setup. You can see the game's minimum and recommended PC specifications here. This technical assessment, of course, is based on the game's current in-development status. Final performance--for both consoles--could be better at launch.

The Battlefront beta started on October 8 and runs through October 12. It's free and open to everyone across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The full game, meanwhile, launches on November 17.

In other recent news about the Battlefront beta, DICE is bringing more PC servers online to accommodate demand.

How are you enjoying the Battlefront beta so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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