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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tips: Which Class Is Best For You?

Below, you can find all the important details for each class in Battlefront II

In Star Wars Battlefront II, there are a number of roles to take on while on the galactic frontlines. From Imperial armies, Rebel forces, and many other sides spanning the film series--each fighting force will fight for their cause in the expansive conflict. As you wage your battle along the galactic frontier, you'll come to find a set of classes that have their own role to play in the larger fight, and possess a number of nuances and techniques that can be improved upon over time.

In this guide, GameSpot will be offering tips and information on the four core classes in Battlefront II. Including what their main skills and roles are in battle, and how you can upgrade them over the course of your career. Be sure to check back with us for more guides for this online Star Wars game, along with our review-in-progress about the state of things in DICE's online shooter.

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When you need to strike the enemy hard and fast, then the Assault class is the one you can rely on. As the all-around offensive class, Assault can be a good starting class for many looking to learn the systems of the game. But in the hands of an experienced player, this role can be quite deadly and offer up the fastest way to deal quick damage compared to other classes. One useful support ability that they have in their possession is the Scan Dart. Firing off a beacon at a distance, you'll ping nearby enemy infantry, which will show their locations on screen. This is invaluable when trying to make progress into a skirmish, allowing you and your allies to see how best to flank the infantry. With their rapid-fire rifles, the Assault class can go toe-to-toe with most enemies they'll come across.

Starting Abilities:

  • Thermal Detonator: The default detonator is a throwable grenade packing a deadly punch. While you can upgrade this ability to deal higher damage, you can also acquire Star Cards that replace it with an Ion Grenade--dealing heavy damage to machines and vehicles--and an Acid Launcher, which deals damage over time to enemies caught in its blast.

  • Scan Dart: This default launcher fires a scan dart which is useful for quickly locating enemies. This is incredibly valuable when looking to keep an eye on nearby enemies and can be upgraded to increase its duration. However, you can replace this ability with the Toughen Up skill--allowing you to regain health faster--and a small side-arm that can blind enemies.

  • Vanguard: Lead the charge and equip a powerful short-range weapon that builds no heat for a limited time. Essentially the Assault's super ability, this shotgun can be used for a limited time, dealing massive damage at close range. While you can upgrade it with Star Cards that can improve accuracy, decrease cooldown, you can also upgrade it to allow for more time when pulling off kills.


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If you're looking to become a behemoth on the battlefield, then the Heavy class is the one for you. With this class, you're essentially the closest thing to a tank when not in a vehicle. Wielding a large blaster machine gun, you'll have access to a number of defensive buffs and skills to help you support your allies. Along with a Combat Shield and Sentry cannons, the Heavy can deal large damage to waves of enemies, while also soaking damage and protecting allies. There is a trade-off to their extra endurance and firepower, however. The Heavies are not as mobile as other classes, making them a risk to bring around for long jaunts across the map, and can often be unwieldy in some tighter situations.

Starter Abilities:

  • Impact Grenade: The default Impact Grenade detonates on contact with any object. This grenade offers a quick way to deal quick explosive damage to a group, but requires some more accuracy due to the lack of the traditional grenade's bounce. While you can upgrade it to increase blast radius, and modify it into a thermal charge, it can also be upgraded into an Ion Torpedo--allowing you to lock onto vehicles to deal large damage.

  • Combat Shield: The default Combat Shield projects in front of you, offering a good balance between mobility and protection. This can be incredibly useful when leading allies down a narrow path and protecting them from enemy fire. However, if this ability isn't doing it for you, then you can swap it out for a grenade launcher or an Ion Turret, dealing explosive damage to enemies.

  • Sentry: Hold the line by drawing a heavy rotary blaster. You and nearby allies take reduced explosive damage while you are in Sentry mode. This particular ability features a number of different modifications--including a lightweight variant for faster movement, boosted health regeneration, and also adding explosive rounds to your cannon.


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There comes a time during battle when your allies will need an extra push to get over a particularly large hump. With the Officer on the field, this class can apply healing and buffs to allies, while also popping off a few shots with their side-arm. Unfortunately, the Officer possess some rather weak offensive skills on their own, making them a particular class you'll generally want to keep away from heavy action. Still, this leadership class can offer up some decent damage with their automated blaster turret, which can help protect a capture location and create chokepoints around tight places.

Starter Abilities:

  • Flash Grenade: The Flash Grenade splits into multiple fragments that blind and deal a small amount of damage. While this grenade isn't as lethal as the others, it can be useful when used at the right time against a group. While there's improvements to blast radius, you can also replace the grenade entirely with a homing blast shot, and even a special Defuser skill that negates all incoming blast damage.

  • Blaster Turret: The default Blaster Turret locks on to enemy soldiers and vehicles. Turret automatically repairs when near a friendly officer. The turret is a skill that can be incredibly effective when used against the enemy, but only if you're smart about when you pull it out. It's very easy to waste it by activating it at an improper moment. But if you can trigger it at the right time, you'll quickly see damage and kill-counts rack up. However, if the turret isn't doing it for you, then try out the Squad Shield--which creates an energy shield that wards off energy damage--or even a modified disruptor device that overheats nearby enemy weapons.

  • Battle Command: Inspire your squad by issuing a Battle Command that allows your allies to withstand more damage. There's a number of modifiers that can be applied to this skill, such as greater healing effects, ability cooldowns, and most interesting of all--decreasing all blaster cooling times for allies. This skill is essential for players looking to master the Officer class.


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Sometimes, a good army needs a few soldiers that can stick to the high ground and pick off the opposing team from afar. With the Specialist class, you'll use your sniper rifle to damage enemies at great distances and scout out other enemies within the area. Unfortunately, this particular class won't be able to do much at close range, making them especially vulnerable to Assault types that can sneak up to get the pounce on them. Still, the Specialist are surprisingly versatile and can easily look after themselves.

Starter Abilities:

  • Shock Grenade: The default Shock Grenade that temporarily slows enemies down. This grenade can be useful when you need to make a quick getaway, but if you want to have something with a little more kick to it, then you can acquire Star Cards that swap it out for the damage-over-time sidearm Stinger Pistol, and the stun-focused Repulser Cannon.

  • Thermal Binoculars: Digital macro binoculars capable of uncovering heat signatures of enemy soldiers, even through walls. With Star Cards, you can improve the range and effectiveness of the binoculars, however if you want something that can get you closer to the action, then you can switch them up for the Trip Mines and Personal Shield--protecting you and nearby allies from enemy fire.

  • Infiltration: Go behind enemy lines by becoming undetectable to enemy scanners, marking enemies, and equipping a powerful medium-ranged weapon. If you're tired of sticking to the outskirts of the map, this ability can make you a bit more stealthy and rush into the bases of the opposing forces. Using Star Cards, you can boost your resilience, mark nearby enemies, and improve the duration of this particular ability.
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