Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Story Trailer Coming Tomorrow, Watch A Teaser Now [Update]

You play as Imperial soldier Iden Versio in Battlefront 2's campaign.


2015's Star Wars: Battlefront did not include a single-player campaign, something that some fans--including actor John Boyega--were none too pleased about. The sequel, which is due out in November, has a single-player campaign, and very soon we will see more of it. A new story trailer is coming tomorrow, October 19, but you can see a teaser right now. The brief video was released in the newest episode of The Star Wars Show, and you can see the clip starting at 2:40. [Update: The new Battlefront II campaign trailer is out now.]

The video shows main character Iden Versio trapped on a Rebel ship. Her trusty robot pal breaks her bonds, setting her free. We also get a glimpse of her attitude, as she mocks her rebel captors with a salute as she escapes their clutches. Check it out:

Versio is the leader of Inferno Squad, an Imperial group that was established to prevent the destruction of the second Death Star. We know that she fails this task, as the moon-sized battle station was ultimately destroyed. The game is set in the 30-year period between Return of the Jedi and leading up to The Force Awakens.

We played a very small portion of Battlefront 2's campaign at E3, and you can read our thoughts here. The game's all-new story is being written by Spec Ops: The Line writer Walt Williams and former games media journalist Mitch Dyer. The campaign is being developed by one of EA's newest studios, Motive, in Canada.

In addition to the campaign, Battlefront II of course has its trademark multiplayer mode, developed by DICE. The Starfighter Assault and Arcade modes are developed by Criterion.

Battlefront 2 launches on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Whereas the 2015 game charged players for extra maps, Battlefront 2 will offer this content for free. There are loot boxes and other forms of microtransactions, some of which have proven controversial already.

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