Star Wars Battlefront 2 Release Date Announced

Coming soon from a galaxy far, far away.


Star Wars Battlefront II is launching on PS4, PC, and Xbox One on November 17.

In a panel at Star Wars Celebration, representatives of teams working on Battlefront II--EA, Motive Studios, DICE, and Lucasfilm--revealed the release date alongside a full trailer.

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Unlike 2015's Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefront II will feature "all eras" of the Star Wars canon rather than drawing only from the original trilogy.

Battlefront II also includes a canon single-player campaign set after the events of Return of the Jedi. It follows an Imperial commander named Iden Versio who swears to avenge the Emperor and quell the Rebellion, though it will include other perspectives. It also introduces a new planet, Iden's homeworld.

Battlefront II's multiplayer features trooper classes as well as an upgrade system for troopers and heroes, which allows for greater customization. Troopers will correspond to the era and location you're battling in, which means Clone Wars-era troops won't show up on Hoth. However, it seems heroes will be available regardless of era.

Preordering the Battlefront II will give you extra content, including Last Jedi-themed costumes for Rey and Kylo Ren. See the full list of preorder bonuses, including what comes with the deluxe edition.

The first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was also revealed during Celebration this year; check out our Star Wars trailer breakdown.

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Was really excited for the first one. Had fun with it with the EA Access trial, but there just wasn't enough to it.

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Got burnt on first release of EA BattleFront. EA and DICE lost 100% goodwill for its fans after the success of Battlefield. So, will wait for the reviews from the trusted reviewers.. btw EA you still suck..

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Wait wait wait wait wait let me guess, it'll be rushed out the door right before the next Star Wars movie, just like the last half assed game was?



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I preferred Star Wars before it became a feminist franchise aimed at women.

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@nurnberg: There may be more truth to that statement than most will admit. But the characters are still great, the story's are fine and frankly, I am ok with it because there are no gay sexual agendas being shoved in my face or established characters being re invented for the sake of making special interest groups happy. So what if we have more women hero's. Ripley is still one of the most badass hero's in movie history.

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Do I get anything special for being a beta tester from the first one?

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@rumadbrah: You get to be a beta tester for the second one, if you're dumb enough to pay them again at launch.

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Starwars Spot.

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Galaxy in Turmoil expected to released a demo in Q3 of this year.

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The sexist in me gives a solid "meh" to a female main character, at least for part of the single-player. Not that it kept me from playing "Mysteries of the Sith", but you're not Mara Jade for at least the first part of the game. Maybe I can strike a balance [in the Force] and play through the Battlefront II campaign.

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Another game not coming to Switch. What about the premium box Scorpio???

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@wtf_666: Glad to get that out of the way.

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no one pre order

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Glad we are getting back classes.

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Looks pretty good. I was impressed with the story idea.

Now lets get in the time machine.....

Novermber we come.....

see you there.....

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see and if we still had extended universe this story would be about Mara Jade, how she went from Emperor's Hand to smuggler to finding Luke and trying to take him out then killing a clone of Luke and becoming a hero and eventual ally of Luke as well as the one he marries......

IDK, the game might be a lot better and any story is better than no story but FFS star wars is so broken now......

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@darthrevenx: Just think that all the EU stories still happened, no matter what. I like to think that there's several parallel Star Wars universes, where these stories happen. So in one universe the Canon stuff happens, and in the other the EU stuff does. Kinda like the Marvel and DC comic book universes.

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@joupena: Alternate realities are a terrible concept, especially in any kind of fiction where the next thing that happens builds on the previous things that happened. One timeline, where consequences matter, instead of willy-nilly "it happened in another timeline".

Just my opinion--I hate the whole concept of time travel and alternate realities. For cripes sake, stick to something.

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@Brakkyn: It's the only way to keep the fans from fighting with each other all the time, over what happens in the storylines.. what is canon, and what is not. Because right now there are two separate universes in Star Wars; Canon and Legends.

The old stories don't go anywhere, they are still there, with more stuff coming out for them as well, and fans are divided over which one of these two should be the only truth. The easiest way to fix that, is to make everything "canon", and give the fans the opportunity to decide what they like to believe, and what they don't.