Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is An EA Disaster

A confusing economy, to say the least.

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Star Wars Battlefront II's release is almost upon us (it already is, if you pre-ordered the deluxe edition, or took part in EA's Play First program). And with it, a host of problems with multiplayer progression and economy. [Update: Following all of this, EA has removed all microtransactions from Battlefront II temporarily.]

Publisher EA has made news this week for a variety of reasons. And most of them are negative. They posted the most downvoted Reddit comment in history. They almost reconciled with some fans by decreasing the time it would take to unlock the game's heroes, but they also nerfed something else in the process. In short: most conversations surrounding Battlefront II have to do with microtransactions.

In the video above, The Lobby crew dives into EA DICE's new shooter, along with its multiplayer progression and economy. It's confusing and opaque, but Mike, Peter, Rob, and Kallie do their best to sift through the details, so you hopefully don't have to.

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EA have bitten the hand that feeds them before, and they thought they could do it again.. Disney have screwed around too much with the mechanics to. The reviews are brutal, I’ve decided to pass on BF2, looks like it’s DOA.. will wait for it to turn up in the discount bins. suck it EA..

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Disney needs to finally remove game development duties from EA. Nuff said

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These upgrade systems have been so exhausting and it's not just EA; it's everyone. It all started honestly with DLC that is created at the time of the game to be released after the game with unlockables and rewards that come with it. The game becomes less fun when you see others with these cool upgrades and you can't enjoy them unless you consider a game you buy to really be $100-200 now.

I have been playing FIFA and it's super fun. I play mostly Ultimate Team and I have been able to build a pretty decent team, but only because they have a Transfer Market where other gamers can auction off their dups and items. That way you don't need to rely so much on randomness and countless wasteful time for something you will probably never get. On the other hand, the coiners and no-lifers have so much coin and buy up all the good deals and sell the most popular players for amounts you will never get to. I suppose there is some reward in that, lol.

It's a little bit sad that gamers need reward systems now to play their games, but there are also so many good games to play too. One day, maybe we won't need to open a package after each and every single gamemode, decide if we want to keep the crappy items, go through them later to get rid of the crappy ones... it's all so exhausting.

Still to this day, I have spent $0 on microtransactional crates, and can't see how so many do buy them. It's also very frustrating that you never get to unlocking all the stuff you want unless you are a professional gamer. Games were better before when it was all about how do you make a game balanced for both the skilled and casual gamer; now, it's all about how can you give the casual gamer with money an upperhand so they enjoy the game, while also giving the hardcore or no-lifer the upperhand to crush the casual gamer even more, and leaving the old-school gamer that's usually good at games but is always behind the new skill-curve of gaining rewards to keep up with the player pool.

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What is the point of this article... seriously?

Avatar image for Mengsk

@retromanhd: Totally agree. This is crazy dumb.

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I will buy this game when it's $20.The price of this game will come down quickly became of the negative reviews and angry customer's :)

Avatar image for groovyguy316

The ad for this video is the very video game of which the article says is a disaster. Mind blown.

Avatar image for Slacker6000

The game is fun and they lowered prices. Get over it

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I'm surprised there are people defending EA. If your favourite restaurant suddenly goes downhill after a new owner arrives, nobody has any trouble blaming the new owner. If EVERY restaurant this new owner purchases goes bad, then people REALLY have no trouble blaming this person.

EA does the exact same thing in gaming, yet there is a huge following that loves them for it. And it's not like the individual titles they make are so deserving. They've got one good studio that can do decent shooters and that's it. It's mind boggling.

Avatar image for infiniin

Everyone knew this will flop and suck, more and more games from EA nowadays become less consisted in quality, but full of underdeveloped quantity, basically 2017 has bringed worst EA games in probably two-three years time.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c9f3fcae5232

@infiniin: yep, EA screwed me the first time, not again..gonna sit back and wait..they ruined a good franchise, the greedy pricks

Avatar image for Barighm

@infiniin: "Nowadays"? EA has always been like this with the exception of one brief spell where they had the EA partners program. If it weren't for them acquiring Bioware and giving a studio the chance to make this little game called Dead Space, I would have gone my entire life proudly stating I have never purchased an EA game.

Avatar image for infiniin

@Barighm: EA delivered some decent some great games in a row, but when I meant nowadays I was talking about many pooly crafted and stylised games, locked behind the paywall or DLC bullshit which are become more and more priority within next release.

Avatar image for billgoodwin

I've been boycotting EA for years now, and will continue to do so, it seems, for a very long time to come. I just hope a significant number of gamers learn their lesson from this latest debacle and affect some real change. Your dollar is the only vote that really matters, people. Use it!

Avatar image for Archangel2222

Great when will they patch and fix Need for speed payback to make it less grindy now?

Avatar image for ecurl143

It's a shame. The whole thing has just got waaaaaaay out of hand and literally everyone who's no one, jumped on this and turned it into a colossal shitstorm.

The game is extremely high quality and a ton of fun but it's all getting pulled down by some really toxic witch hunting and we're at a stage now where everyone just wants to see EA crash and burn. I mean seriously, wtf?

We're all getting fleeced one way or another. Try buying Skyrim on Switch for $60.00. A 9 year old game ffs. Are you telling me that isn't greed? - Just like EA? Do you think the price point is justified? Probably if you're a Nintendo diehard for sure. They could sell it for $120.00 and it would probably be OK - just saying.

No Mans Sky is another game that springs to mind. How much deceit was there behind that release? Did that game justify a full game price tag? Absolutely not but y'know, the whole thing has died down and pretty much been resigned to history now. EA is taking all the shit today and even Gamespot themselves, along with a bunch of other sites are joining in on the stoning. It will fade away and carry on as normal. Maybe something will change. I hope so because this whole industry and the gamers orbiting it has become pretty nasty.

It's just got to a point now where I really don't give a shit, such is the toxicity I've seen displayed. Christ, the devs have even been receiving death threats ffs, I mean seriously?

Avatar image for Barighm

@ecurl143: People have wanted to see EA crash and burn for a LOOOOOOONG time.

Avatar image for wetro

@ecurl143: Skyrim is 6 years old, not sure why your exaggerating the age of the game.

Avatar image for wretch1d

@ecurl143: well then buy their game and support the MT money train into gaming oblivion

Avatar image for ecurl143

@wretch1d: I have bought the game and haven't touched any MT - no need to. What's your point?

Avatar image for wretch1d

@ecurl143: By even buying the game you are supporting their business model

Avatar image for dragonsama

Please let this be the end of Loot Crates forever. It's nothing more than a way to screw your players over.

Avatar image for AnyKeyz

People are just sick of this company antics.
I personally changed my habits, avoiding buying their products as much as I can, but people falling for the microtransactions seem to make up for the customers loss.

Avatar image for Brakkyn

Could thins be a turning point in gaming ecology? Doubtful. But time will tell...

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

I'm with Kallie, I was not aware of the cooldown for credit earning in arcade mode. Eff that. Eff that hard.

Avatar image for RossRichard

Another gaming crash is looking more and more likely every day.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a411408acdf8

Game is complete trash.

Avatar image for Disturbed_88

More power to the players and gamers.

If the outcry is big enough, it can be heard by devs and publishers across the whole industry...

Avatar image for mach22

I'm still going to wait until the Complete Edition goes on sale $10.

Fool me once...

Avatar image for jfracchia

@mach22: never go full retarded

Avatar image for wretch1d

@jfracchia: its just retard

Avatar image for kargion

Been playing since tuesday. Game is super fun. Be interested in how they change the progression system of the next month or so. Game is doing great I would assume, only takes 5 seconds to get in a match on ps4. Can't judge how a game is doing based on mad people on the internet. Internet is always mad lol

Avatar image for nativepixel

@kargion: Had a lot of fun with some old friends playing this game last night! The game was close until Kylo came out of nowhere and used force hold from behind! My buddy was just screaming "I can't fucking move!!" I finally caught up with him and sure nuff Kylo was suspending my buddy in the air while standing a distance behind him and fuggin destroyed him and we lost our shit!!! Shit was fucking gold!

Avatar image for KBABZ

In my personal opinion, if this was DICE's decision, then the game designers who thought that all this would be a positive thing for the game should be ashamed.

Avatar image for altairdarius

Like the first one was a success...

Avatar image for makimaki

So many bleeting sheep picking on the wrong game, because it's the "cool" thing to do this month

It's far from a big problem in this game, a problem perhaps if you are a whiny entitled fool with less common sense than the average aforementioned sheep. People think just because it's Star Wars that band wagon hating is somehow impressive instead of dumb and annoying and blatantly obvious attention whoring and click baiting.

Where are these so called microtransaction knights each time a Fifa game is released which is much more of a con with microtransactions than this game could ever hope to be and will always sell far more than any Star Wars game.

Bleet away sheep at the less popular game with far less of a forced mt culture and ignore the game that makes the news every year for the credit card debts it causes all over the world.

Avatar image for trust2112

@makimaki: See, the problem lies in the fans of the Original SW Battlefront series. Not everyone in gaming is into PVP crap. And from what I heard, the Single Player missions are shit in SWBFII. I skipped the first one for this reason, and I'll skip this one for the same. If PVP only is the way of the future, I have a whole large stack of old dos, win 95/98/xp single player games I can fall back on. Plus I have a lot on Steam or GOG. EA isn't the only game in town, as much as they'd like to think it.

Avatar image for nativepixel


Avatar image for kaealy

@makimaki: Fifa is played by people that play nothing else, they don't care about gaming and will continue buying MT regardless of arguments made against it.

Avatar image for The_Last_Paladi

@7tizz: I think your hope was crushed...

Avatar image for dunkstar1

@7tizz: Definately an EA spy. There is no way a rational human being could agree with this viewpoint. The only thing being reported is the truth. EA are pure greed. The game is $60, how dare they incorporate the same pay to win trash that is straight out of free mobile games! Your comment below on them bowing to pressure with the 70% reduction (even though they did also reduce the rewards) shows that what is being reported is true and that maybe pressure can work but why stop at a measly price drop, people want this to be a lesson that game companies will never forget. I doubt it will but I hope this game fails dismally and the next time some developer thinks they can force consumers to buy crap on a full priced game they will remember the disaster that was Star wars Battlefront 2!

Avatar image for kargion

@7tizz: Agree and disagree. I hope it does well because the game its self is great. On PS4 now there is pretty much 0 wait time to get in matches so i think its going to do just fine.

The community should voice their opinion in a constructive manner which like 5% did but they heard it. AMA was basically we hear you and we are working on changes. The main problem is people think its a switch they can turn on off which is not the case. It will take time. Being mad because the "should" not have done it is a waste of energy. Can't fix the past can only move toward the future.

Avatar image for motopram

@7tizz: So you hope corporations can get away with anything......great.

Avatar image for theotherjeff

@7tizz: They nerfed the requirements by 75% and they also nerfed the rewards by 75%. Dividing everything by 4 doesn't solve the problem, it just means the figures are lower.

They also said things will be adjusted with feedback, so if, IF, they do manage to rectify the things people are complaining about now, and the complaints stop, are they going to slowly roll back those changes and see if there is any negative reaction?

This is the first time there has been a figurative line has been drawn in the sand regarding MTs. It's a good chance to make a statement to publishers that there is a limit to what they can try to charge for. I don't expect the opportunity to be taken, I fully expect there to be much moaning & whining online along with some calls for "Vote with your wallet" and maybe a few sales will be lost but it won't affect anything. As a result, next year there's going to be another situation similar to this one, but it will have people defending the publisher straight away because "EA did it and you didn't have a problem then"

On a related note. If anyone is interacting with publisher customer service person regarding a complaint or negative experience, tell them that you're not mad at them, you're mad at "X publisher" and because they are currently representing "X" they have to deal with your anger. FFS, just do that in any situation where you are putting forward a complaint or trying to sort out an issue. You will be amazed how much faster and easier the issue gets dealt with.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@7tizz: marketing since are also owned by other corporation (CNET here). Wheter they work togheter or not is open to discussion, but a good product should get merit, and a bad one not.

Avatar image for hampton2003

@7tizz: they also reduced the total credits you earn from the campaign from 20k to 5k to compensate for the hero cost reduction. either you didnt watch the lobby vod for this info or you are naive to think EA really gave in.