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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is An EA Disaster

A confusing economy, to say the least.


Star Wars Battlefront II's release is almost upon us (it already is, if you pre-ordered the deluxe edition, or took part in EA's Play First program). And with it, a host of problems with multiplayer progression and economy. [Update: Following all of this, EA has removed all microtransactions from Battlefront II temporarily.]

Publisher EA has made news this week for a variety of reasons. And most of them are negative. They posted the most downvoted Reddit comment in history. They almost reconciled with some fans by decreasing the time it would take to unlock the game's heroes, but they also nerfed something else in the process. In short: most conversations surrounding Battlefront II have to do with microtransactions.

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In the video above, The Lobby crew dives into EA DICE's new shooter, along with its multiplayer progression and economy. It's confusing and opaque, but Mike, Peter, Rob, and Kallie do their best to sift through the details, so you hopefully don't have to.

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