Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has Delayed Its BB-8 Update

BB-8 rolling in a little later than expected.


Star Wars Battlefront II has delayed a promised update that will let you play as BB-8 (and his First Order doppelganger, BB-9E). The update, which was meant to be available on January 30 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, has been delayed for some last-minute bug fixes.

The update's delay was announced on the Battlefront forums, with a post stating that a "critical issue" was found during testing. The update will now release "early next week," although an exact date was not set. "We already have a new build going through its regular pre-release checks and things are looking positive," the post reads.

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"Unfortunately, this is sometimes the reality in game development where testing continues right up until an update is deployed onto our live servers," it continues. "Although disappointing, we feel that it is much better that we found the issue now, rather than have it slip through and make it to our live servers." A definite release date will be confirmed soon.

The post also confirms that BB-8 will be able to do his iconic "thumbs up" pose from The Force Awakens, which is very good and cute news.

The update will also add two new Capital Ships to Capital Supremacy: the MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-class Star Destroyer. Ajan Koss is coming to Hero Showdown, and there will be various "fixes and improvements" too. These are the examples given:

  • Darth Vader will now be able to block while choking
  • Auto Players will be able to carry out melee attacks
  • Droidekas receive an increase to their shield health
  • VO announcers will now mention the era-appropriate heroes that spawn
  • Finn and Kylo Ren both have new emotes, which you can unlock via new milestones

An update for the game back in December 2019 added content from The Rise of Skywalker, including a new map and costumes. The game original released in 2017 to less-than-stellar reviews, but has improved a lot since then, and has ultimately been very successful.

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