Star Wars Arma 3 Mod Has AT-ATs (And Miley Cyrus)

This mod is definitely...unique.


The massive AT-AT vehicle was shown in the new Star Wars: Battlefront trailer earlier this month, but now the Imperial Walker has made an appearance in another game, Arma III, by way of a fan-made mod.

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Modder Ruppertle has brought an AT-AT and some Stormtroppers to the military shooter by way of the "ATAT Madness" mod.

Check out the video below to see the impressive mod in action, and watch out for a special entrance by Miley Cyrus about halfway through (no really).

Ruppertle writes in the video's description that he actually made this mod about a year ago but never finished it, only just now publishing a video of it. The developer also says the Imperial Walker animations are "very poor" and that they used the O2 Engine to make the mod.

"I don't think I will ever finish so enjoy the video hope you guys like it," Ruppertle said.

Via: IGN

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