Star Wars 'allies' with Ubisoft

French publisher announces all-new titles, Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP; deal is part of company's long-term deal with license-holder LucasArts.


With all the hoopla surrounding the flurry of new games in the Star Trek franchise, fans of another sci-fi series, Star Wars, may have felt left out. Publisher Ubisoft is attempting to allay those concerns, however, with the release of Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, a Sony PSP and Nintendo DS game set for release in December.

Although Lethal Alliance will appear on the DS and the PSP at the same time, the two versions weren't made by the same developer: Ubisoft's Montreal division handled the PSP game, while the publisher's Casablanca studio produced the DS version. Each game will be tailored to take advantage of its host system, but Ubisoft didn't say how.

Lethal Alliance weaves a tale around the Imperial-fighting escapades of Twi'lek Rianna Saren, a skilled Rebel Alliance fighter and acrobat, and her security droid, Zeeo, a defensive specialist. In relation to the franchise's saga, the game fits between the last prequel to appear in theaters--2005's Episode III: Revenge of the Sith--and the first movie of the original trilogy, 1977's Episode IV: A New Hope.

Ubisoft said Lethal Alliance players must take advantage of each character's unique strengths to progress--the ultimate goal being the theft of the Death Star's blueprints. There is no word yet, however, on how many Bothan spies must die for players to accomplish the mission. Rianna and Zeeo will travel to a variety of locations in that galaxy far, far away, including the Death Star itself, the Skywalker home base Tatooine, and Alderaan, before its Death Star destruction in A New Hope. Lethal Alliance will include a multiplayer mode, but Ubisoft declined to announce its details.

Notable Star Wars characters making an appearance in Lethal Alliance include Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Princess Leia, and Kyle Katarn--the gruff mercenary whose game roots extend back to the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight first-person shooters on the PC.

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